An eclectic, artistic vintage-inspired real wedding and a Candy Anthony bride with fresh flowers in her hair

Good morning all. Today I have a fabulous real wedding on the blog, something we really haven’t seen before on Under the Vintage Veil. This sweet and quirky wedding mixes Dickensian influences with hints of Rockabilly and sixties mod in a fabulously floral feast of artistic excellence. You can tell that two artistic souls are joining together with this brilliantly eclectic big day, in fact, Twinkle is an artist while Davey is a musician – no wonder their big day is brimming with originality and character. Twinkle and Davey got married late last year. The ceremony was at the Guild Chapel and the reception was in the Levi Fox hall at the King Edwards VI school both in Stratford Upon Avon. The couple met eight years ago when their bands toured New York and were friends for a while before they got together. I just love how Twinkle describes their proposal story – adorable! 

Twinkle used her skills as an artist to design her own stationery and incorporated an adorable piece of writing on marriage by her eight-year-old niece, Gracie.  

The proposal

“It’s not a classic romance story, but it was very…US! We had gone out for dinner one night and ended up going for some more wine after dinner and got slightly tipsy putting it nicely. I started asking if we were ever going to get married or if I was going to end up the oldest bride on the planet and when we got home suddenly Davey was on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever in his hand asking me to marry him. I thought it was a joke at first until he was almost crying and then we just started jumping around in excitement and ringing all our close family and friends to tell them the news. He did say he’d been trying to come up with elaborate scenarios to set the scene for asking me to marry him but they never felt right. I think it being quite an unplanned event which is one that makes us both laugh when we re-live it is just perfect for us anyway.”

“Getting ready” photos © 2012 Chloe Pearson

The outfits, hair and make up 

“My dress was from Candy Anthony in a sample sale, the shoes were Kurt Geiger London and my necklace was found on Etsy. I just wore fresh flowers in my hair. The older bridesmaids’ dresses were from BHS, shoes from Office, Dorothy Perkins and H&M (They all wore different shoes) and jewellery was their own. The younger bridesmaids wore Monsoon dresses, shrugs and shoes.

Davey’s outfit was from Vintage Emporium in Greenwich, a hat from eBay and he won his shoes in a competition by his favourite shoe designer David Preston. The ushers all chose their own outfits. Davey’s mum Peggy made all the hankies for them.

My hair was done as a wedding present by Davey’s incredibly generous and hard working cousin Buggy Foster from the Creative Hair Nails and Beauty salon in Carsharlton and I did my own make up with my sister’s help.”

DIY Flowers

“I arranged all the flowers for the reception and me and my bridesmaids and another best friend of ours did all the bouquets. I bought loads of different flowers from a flower stand in Leamington Spa and from Sainsburys and Tescos! I then went and collected loads of ivy with my dad which was used with the flowers in the reception. Davey made all the button hole roses for himself, the best man John, our dads, the ushers and other guests who wanted them.”

Ceremony, formal and reception photos © 2012 Sam Dorrington, Everlasting Moments

The ceremony

“The service itself was very simple and classic and we wanted it to be quite an uplifting affair too. We chose Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro to walk down the aisle to, and The Beatles All You Need is Love to walk out to. A friend of my mum’s played the organ and we chose more up-tempo hymns for everyone to sing. We also had a young boy of 11 years old with a beautiful singing voice of an angel doing solos while we signed the register.”

A creative, DIY reception with delicious detail 

“For the reception we spent a year collecting from car boot sales, bric a brac markets, charity shops and eBay. Also a huge amount of stuff was handmade by us too. We didn’t want anything too themed or matching as that just wouldn’t have represented us at all. We wanted it to be just a very beautiful, quirky, eclectic and creative day. We wanted a very handmade feeling overall so it was as personal and individual to us as it could be.

We mainly went on instinct when choosing things and tried to make sure we didn’t structure it too much. I would say it was nearly all DIY. Thanks to my dad we had a blank canvas in the school hall where he works. It was my mum’s suggestion and at first I was really unsure about it as I’d always seen myself getting married in a big house or hotel in the countryside somewhere and this was the total opposite. But I also knew I wanted us to be in control of the décor and the only way we could do that was by having a space we could transform ourselves. So with encouragement from Davey and my mum and dad we went for it!

We also wanted a free bar for people, we had guests coming from all over the world and the least we wanted to be able to provide was food, drink and a good time for them all. We were on a really tight budget for this wedding though, so would never have been able to afford that in a hotel. So we went to France to do a booze run and hired in some friends of my sister as bar staff. There is a bar area at the school which was another place we had to totally transform with drapes and lighting, and we used a stage backdrop my dad had created for school plays. The bridesmaids were also in charge of making the tissue paper pompoms which we decked out the bar and main reception room with, and they really brought it all together. I painted a big vintage looking BAR sign and we lit loads of candles too.

In the main reception area my dad, Davey and some friends built a room within a room which was made of black theatre drapes. We bought red velvet curtains to frame a stage with and dad bought loads of fairy lights and organza to make drapes to go all around the room. He also painted some panels recreating a tattoo art effect which linked in perfectly with our invites. These were done as a gorgeous surprise by him!

For the tables Davey’s mum Peggy made all the table cloths. We ordered four different fabrics online and then Peggy worked like a demon to make as many cloths as possible from the rolls. On each table we wanted red wine served in decanters which we hunted high and low for at car boot sales as we needed 16 of them, the white wine was in bottles with our own labels on, there were unusual trinkets with Trivial Pursuit cards in, jars of love hearts and handmade favours which were Spiced biscuits made by me a couple of days before the wedding!

We dressed it all up by spending late nights with my mum and dad putting ribbons around the glassware, vases and napkins. Name places were hand painted onto pebbles. We also collected various candle sticks on our car boot and charity shop rummaging, and salt and pepper pots were little dishes, tiny glasses or anything else suitable we found along the way.

For the table planning we decided to go for characters in Charles Dickens novels as we both love Dickens. On each table was the character name and a snippet from the story, the planner itself was old wooden panels nailed together with a lantern lighting up Victorian-inspired posters with guests names on.

The flowers throughout the reception were a bright selection of roses, ivy, iris and any other beautiful and bright flowers that caught my eye as I was out buying them all! I know they didn’t look professional, but the overall effect was just beautiful little bunches of brightly coloured flowers all over the place, and without the structured look we were trying to avoid.

Other things I made were two tier cake stands for the desserts and cheese plates, I hand painted pillar candle sticks, vases, and I also made little cut out hearts and birds from illustrations I have done previously which we hung everywhere. I made the cake myself too.”

The entertainment 

“The food was by Naylors and tables, chairs, cutlery and so on by Plato Hire. For the entertainment, we had Davey’s band The Palpitations do a set and a friend who also is in a wedding band called the Blue and Silver Sparkle Machine played a set of covers of music that we love like The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and Bob Dylan and so on. We also had a pianist play some jazz during the drinks and canapés part of the reception and a string quartet played throughout dinner, all were students from the school.

There was some comedy on the day as we had set up a playlist of loads of our favourite music on our mac instead of a DJ, and it got stuck for some unknown reason on Talking Head’s Psycho Killer…the most un-weddingy song ever! It was on a loop for ages, but as me and Davey were so busy running about we didn’t notice until someone came and pointed it out!

Holly Revell’s Darkroom Parlour definitely deserves a shout out too. She uses this beautiful technique where you are in a pitch black room and she draws on you with a torch with the camera on open exposure. The result is almost painting-like and very atmospheric. She set up for a good couple of hours and was booked solid throughout that time taking photos of loads of our family and friends. See one of our favourite photos from the wedding taken by her below.”

Single image © 2012 Holly Revell

Remaining images © 2012 Sam Dorrington of Everlasting Moments

Our most indispensable wedding suppliers and favourite details

All of our suppliers were so amazing I don’t know how to choose the most indispensable. Buggy, the hairdresser, was just amazing and worked so hard it was untrue, and did it all as a wedding present for us. She’s incredibly experienced at weddings which is actually what you really need as it does put your mind at rest and she stayed calm and steady throughout the morning.

The photographers who all dedicated their talents to us for the day were superb, we couldn’t afford a photographer with the budget we were on and were trying to think of ways to capture the day differently. Our friends who are once again experienced at this came to the rescue. Chloe did the getting ready photos and was just fantastic. She knew from talking to me before exactly what I wanted and did it perfectly whilst just allowing us all to get on with the getting ready and pampering ourselves. Sam worked really hard too, capturing memories in the church which I will be forever grateful for, and his eye for detail is just brilliant. He was also a trouper in the cold weather braving the first freeze of the year to capture family members and photos of me and Davey on our own.  And Holly’s darkroom too, all did a wonderful job that we couldn’t be more thankful for!

Our favourite wedding detail is almost impossible to decide upon, but one thing I loved was the wedding tree where guests mark their fingerprints with their name on an illustration of a bare tree giving it leaves. We’ve got it hanging on our wall now.”

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