Wedding guests: ten essentials to bring with you to any wedding

We focus a lot on the bride here at Under the Vintage Veil. That’s naturally because she’s the most important person in the universe world room that day… but we do realise that there are other people in the room too. Grooms, parents, guests etc. and that they should probably be taken care of as well.

So we thought we’d write an entire post dedicated to lovely wedding guests and help them out with what to bring to any (English) wedding – in no particular order, here are:

Ten essentials to bring with you to any wedding

Tissues, tissues and more tissues. You might think you’re not the crying type, but seeing someone you love walk down the aisle in a white dress can bring on unexpected emotions. It’s better to be safe than sorry – and the worst that will happen is that you help out some other poor sap.

♥ A compact mirror and make-up kit. Weddings can be longer than a full work day, so make sure you’re prepared with a mini kit to freshen up your make up, or even take it from a day to night look for the party. And, in the same category, hair products. Weddings can be hot, sweaty places. After a few hours at my own wedding, I looked like Medusa. A little bit of hair serum would not have been a bad idea at that point – for anyone.

Some light purse snacks. OK, I’m in no way advocating bringing your own food to a wedding – but if you’re like me and you get hungry or low on blood sugar very quickly, there’s no harm in keeping a piece of fruit or a couple of sweets in your bag just to tide you over. Weddings can have very long gaps, and most people cope well, but with an abundance of alcohol and a long time to go until the meal, you don’t want to keel over.

 An umbrella. If you’re at an English wedding, chances are it will rain at some point during the day. And if it’s sunny, an umbrella works too – just make sure it’s a pretty, photo-friendly umbrella.

An umbrella is always a good idea in England – rain or shine. Image © 2012 Satureyes

A pair of comfy, flat shoes that go with your outfit. You may be on your feet for a lot of the day and while heels are very pretty, if you’re not used to wearing them you can pretty much end the party for yourself before it begins.

Blister plasters. For the same reason.

A change of tights in case of unexpected laddering.

An energy drink, if you’re not a coffee fan. Weddings take a lot of stamina, whether it’s talking to a lot of people you don’t know that you find tiring, or you’re just not a night owl. Make sure you’re in for the long haul.

Painkillers. Don’t let a sudden head or back ache ruin your fun.

 A camera. Obviously (unless you’re also a wedding photographer) your pictures aren’t going to rival the official ones. But speaking as a recent bride, while waiting for the photographer to work his editing magic on the thousands of pictures he took, it was really fun to see people’s informal snaps. They also tell a different story of the day, one the bride and groom might have missed while they were off being the bride and groom. Just make sure you remember your pics are secondary to the photographers. If they ask for no flash or no pictures at certain points, be respectful – it’s so your friend can have the best pictures possible. And definitely don’t jump in the aisle and ruin the money shots!

Have I missed anything off the essentials list? Have you ever needed another random emergency item at a wedding? We’d love to hear from you! 

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