Glamorous 1940s “getting ready” inspiration, featuring Britten and The Little Wedding Helper

I’m in love with this collaborative shoot, mainly because I think that the “getting ready” bridal shots can make such beautiful images, with just a little forward thinking (and a stylist like The Little Wedding Helper on hand). Sarah Jane Bates, the creative director at luxurious and luscious accessories brand Britten, whose beautiful vintage-inspired (and often fabulously feathery) pieces are used in this shoot, is on hand on the blog today with expert advice on how to get those gorgeous “getting ready” shots just right. 

“There is so much to think about on your wedding day, but if photos are important to you (and they should be) it’s worth thinking about capturing some really nice images of you getting ready with your bridesmaids on the morning of your big day. This was the inspiration behind our shoot, we wanted to inspire brides to capture some special photos during those last few precious hours as a single lady, that will serve as lasting memories for you and your best girls for years to come.”

Images © 2013 Charlotte Stone

“My advice would be to get these photos taken roughly half way through the ‘beautifying’ process. You don’t want to be sporting a just rolled out of bed look and you also don’t want to be frantic with worry as you are running 45 minutes late (maybe that was just me!). Its nice to show the actual process so try to include at least two stages of preparation.”

“For our first few shots Jodie Austen, our hair stylist, and Grace Kingsley on make up (geniuses by the way- I would totally recommend them both) left the hair in rollers whilst the make-up was virtually finished, all apart from a slick of glamorous red lipstick. For the next couple of shots the make-up and hair was more or less complete but the bride was yet to step into ‘the dress’.”

“My biggest tip is to consider what you are wearing during this process. I personally wore my rather shabby pyjamas and to this day I regret it! Treat yourself to some lingerie that you can take on the honeymoon too. We used a selection of pieces from Miss Jones, A Touch of Vintage and good old Marks & Spencer.”

“I would also suggest designating a bridesmaid with ‘tidying’ duties or even better I would really recommend enlisting the help of a stylist, The Little Wedding Helper is fabulous and just has that special touch! Give your photographer a 15 minute window after the room is tidied up and then just relax and enjoy the process. The amazing Charlotte Stone captured this shoot, she worked absolute wonders, especially considering it was a dark miserable day.”

“My final piece of advice would be to relax and have some fun, you are bound to be a bag of mixed emotions on the morning, both nerves and excitement. Taking the time to have some photos once you are already ready, or almost ready, will give you some time to relax and take in what you are just about to experience, I hope this shoot is inspiring and encourages you to prepare for the morning of your big day!”

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