Beautiful peach and grey bridal ballerina inspiration

Image © Steve Oatway Photography

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina. My grandma took me to see The Nutcracker and I was mesmerised by the soft and beautiful outfits, the graceful movements and the excitement that welled up within me.

Ballet dates back to the 15th century and has survived the centuries, it has seen every era since and is the perfect art form in which to find vintage inspiration from any decade. I’ve put together a ballet-inspired mood board to get your creative juices flowing – I may not have the coordination to be an actual ballerina, but anyone can get the look with a little imagination!

You don’t have to wear a full on tutu and ballet slippers to be a ballerina bride. Take the gorgeous look as modelled above and pull it back to wedding sophistication. One way to do that is to take the look from pink to peach, and add subtle hints of grey to go pastel pretty. Here are a few ways you can bring ballerina chic to your big day!

Get the look

1 – Lola Garter by Debbie Carslile on

2 – Twobirds Bridesmaid

3 – “Ballerina” by Cakes by Krishanthi

4 – Image source Wedding Inspirasi, dress by Rosa Clara

5 – Delphine Headpiece by Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe at photo by Katy Lunsford

6 – Twobirds Bridesmaid

7 & 8 – Intricate Creations

9 – Agnes shoes by Rachel Simpson

10 – Image source Belle the Magazine

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