10 phrases you’ll need to learn to survive your wedding planning (and what they mean)

A short and sweet post today as we’re busy busy busy being little content elves and gathering the best of the best for the new look blog. In the meantime, here are a few invaluable phrases that will get you through your wedding planning adventure – please change the details as applicable to your situation:

When someone presents you with a stupid idea

What you say: That’s a great idea, thanks, I’ll think about it. What you mean: I’ll do that when hell freezes over.

When someone you don’t like that much asks about your wedding

What you say: It’s just a small wedding, close friends and family only. What you mean: You’re not invited.

When people ask what time things kick off

What you say: Ceremony starts promptly at 2pm. What you mean: If you show up late, I’ll kill you.

When your bridesmaids can’t agree on anything 

What you say: I think it’s best if the bridesmaids are more coordinated. Why don’t we find a compromise? What you mean: Please all bloody agree on a look!

It just looks better when the bridesmaids find something in common with their outfits (even if they’re not matchy matchy!) Image © Satureyes

When someone asks to bring a new girlfriend / boyfriend

What you say: Unfortunately we’re having to limit plus ones to long-term partners. What you mean: I’m not paying a hundred pounds a head for your date.

When a supplier shows you something you’re not crazy about 

What you say: I have a few small suggestions. What you mean: You’re going to have to change everything.

♥  When your other half suggests something ridiculous

What you say: Honey, I’m just not sure that arriving in a helicopter will work. What you mean: I liked it better when you weren’t paying attention.

When parents try to take over the invite list

What you say: I’d love to be able to have all these people there, but we need to find a cut off somewhere. What you mean: I’d rather have our friends than your friends at our wedding…

When someone offers to perform at your wedding

What you say: Oh if only I’d known you wanted to do that, I’ve already booked the entertainment. What you mean: I specifically booked the entertainment before anything else to stop you from performing.

When a supplier tells you something isn’t possible

What you say: Oh that’s a shame, I was at a friend’s wedding and I saw them do it that way. What you mean: I’m finding out who supplied my friend’s wedding and booking them instead.

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