Vintage real bride Nicole – with four weeks to go

Our vintage real bride, Nicole, is 33 and comes from Surrey. She met her husband to be (Colin, 38) at a friend’s birthday back in May 2009. Nicole wants to re-invent the wedding wheel with her hand-made West Country weekend away!

She’ll be getting married at Kilminorth Cottages in Looe on 30th March. On planning her wedding, Nicole says: “We had a few rules when we first started planning, that I wouldn’t turn into a crazy wedding lady and to remember £100 is actually a lot of money. I hear of so many people that get carried away and money means nothing just because they feel they need the latest craze at their wedding. I’m not great about being centre of attention and talking about myself so these are things I’m having to get used to!”

We’ve been following her wedding planning progress for several months. Now, with less than just four weeks to go, Nicole is putting the final touches on her big day.

As our venue had never done a ceremony before, one of our biggest wedding challenges has been to register the venue. I’m now pleased to announce that we have a wedding licence! Hurray! A brand new wedding venue is born and we are feeling very privileged that we are going to be the first couple to get married there. The guys on site have been working so hard to get it all ready for the 30th, I can’t wait to get down there and give them a great big hug to say thank you.

With 5 weeks to go and nothing to wear in my hair I would be lying if I wasn’t starting to feel slightly panicky.  I just couldn’t find anything I liked within budget until I found Hairloom Headpieces who had some really lovely pieces on their website and also offered a bespoke service (they are also based in Edinburgh so it felt like fate that I found her!)

I emailed Kristen a photo of my ring and my dress and asked if she could create a 1930s-inspired headdress. A week later I received an email with three photos showing various stones placed in different arrangements. One looked perfect so she made it into a side tiara on a gold band. I also brought a couple of small deco hair combs to go in my side up-do. I would love to post a photo but that kind of spoils the surprise!

I need to do a shout out to Lorna and Rob, friends of the family, who got married just before New Years Eve. They gave me all the hessian for my table runners as they had the same idea. I also brought several hearts from them to decorate the aisle with, the silver pails for the centre pieces and the table name chalk boards. It’s great talking to a newly married couple as they have a wealth of great advice and lessons learnt and still have that buzz of excitement from their special day, Thank you so much both of you!

Using the hessian and the fabric I brought from Patchwork Paradise, I made the 10 table runners. I still need to stick the fabric to the hessian but they are all cut to size and looking promising!


I ordered a beautiful personalised guest book from I did spend some time thinking of different ways to capture our guests memories and nearly opted for a Polaroid camera so we could create a photo book on the night. In reality that was never going to happen…a lot of friends have told me the guest book even gets forgotten about more often than not as people are too busy at the bar or on the dance floor.  I must allocate that job to a friend to make sure it gets written in. I’m going to leave pages for photos so we can put one of each guest in there afterwards. I’m also going to ask people to take 30 second clips of film throughout the entire day so we can create our own montage after the wedding. I love watching the wedding videos on the blogs, they make me cry every time as there is something so special about feeling the excitement and love of that special day through a film lens.

Something urgent became apparent this week, we need to give notice of our marriage, something we have only just been informed of by our registrar! This must be done 15 days before you get married so we are really cutting it fine. It can be done up to 2 years before you get married so no excuses! It seems pretty straight forward, we have a 20 minute appointment each at our local registry office and need to take our passport & utility bill, and answer what I hope are not too taxing questions!

I need to speak to our barman this week. They are going to create a Mr & Mrs signature cocktail for us. I need to decide on my favourite ingredients, that’s a hard task! I also need to check in with our caterer, I want to confirm the canapés, let him know how many veggies we have and agree a kids menu.

I’ve got my birthday and a hen do this weekend, I don’t know how much excitement one girl can take! Until next time…

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