The REAL pre-wedding workout

Morning everybody. It’s Monday again and we’re busy busy busy measuring up the new site buttons and gathering content for both of the new look blogs! So today will be short and sweet. Here at Under the Vintage Veil, we’re not about losing huge amounts of weight before your big day. In fact, we’ve uncovered a well-hidden secret that has been covered up by the industry at large (or just invented by us – shrugs): the real workout is right here.

The REAL pre-wedding workout

Stretch those smile muscles

You’ll probably do more smiling on your wedding day than on any other day of your life. It’s totally involuntary, I swear, and you’ll never be able to recreate quite the stretchy grin that appears on your big day. This might sound easy enough, but trust me, if your smiling muscles aren’t fully prepared, you could end up with serious jaw ache that lasts for days.

The workout: Try holding five cheesy grins for exactly five minutes each every morning and evening in the months leading up to your wedding.

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Hug it out

How often do you work those hugging muscles? I’m warning you, they’re very different to cuddling on the sofa muscles. Relentless hugging can give you a real cramp in your sides if you’re not used to it, so start practising early.

The workout: Hug at least five of your close friends a day for an uncomfortable length of time. Don’t let go until your arms and the muscles around your ribs start aching slightly. A disclaimer though, try warning people in advance, rather than having to explain afterwards.

High heel hike

My first piece of advice to any bride is BUY COMFY HEELS. You can get high heels that are both comfortable and beautiful – trust me. However, if you’re anything like me and you’re more of a flats kinda gal, wearing heels for an entire evening can be a total shock. Don’t ruin your wedding day by giving yourself numb, stinging feet and blisters.

The workout: It goes without saying that you need to wear in your wedding shoes a few times, but you can’t really spend more than a few hours in them without running the risk of scuffing them. So I’d recommend owning at least three pairs of heels (of course) of varying heel heights and going about as much of your daily business as possible in them. If you’re not used to them, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them to work (hobbling into business meetings isn’t such a good look, says the girl who once didn’t get a job due to excessive hobbling during an interview) but even if you wear them around the house for a couple of hours every evening, it will get your feet used to the feel and shape of them. Also, try out different comfort products while you’re at it, to see which work for you and which don’t. You may also want to wear these during the next workout…

My beautiful Rachel Simspon heels deserved to be worn all evening… 

Disco diva

I am a terrible, terrible dancer. I also have no stamina – five minutes on the dancefloor and I’m practically begging for a comfy chair and a cup of herbal tea – and I’m twenty five.

The workout: Weddings usually require hours and hours of dancing – and being the bride it will be hard to resist your own party, no matter how tired you feel. So the workout is… go out dancing at least once a week. Like swimming or running, you want to test your endurance, so start with fifteen minutes of concentrated dancing and see if you can work your way up to two hours by the time your wedding day comes around. If you can wear your heels while doing so, even better.

So there you have it, the real muscles that need training before your big day. I’d even argue that these are muscles you’ll need for life – so start your big day training routine and let us know how it goes!

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