Five wedding planning activities you can do on your way to work

Planning a wedding can take up a lot of time and effort. While most bride get a massive A for effort (in a nice way) time is not a luxury that most of us have. You may be styling your wedding like it’s the 1920s, but this is the 21st century, and the reality is many women struggle with finding time to plan their weddings around their careers.

So if you’re finding your entire weekend is being taken up with wedding planning and you and your other half aren’t getting much time together as a couple, then don’t fret. If you’re a commuter, there’s plenty you can do on your journey into work (provided you’re not driving) that isn’t too taxing and doesn’t require space or business hours.

Five wedding planning activities for your commute to work

Writing your vows

It may seem a bit of an odd place to write your vows (and I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re on a packed tube) but if you have a slightly longer train or bus journey, it could just be the perfect place to take time out and think. After all, there’s nothing else to do, you can crack some inspirational tunes through your headphones and watch the world go by while you think about what you want to say. I once had a two and a half hour commute (killer) to work and I used the time to do all sorts of writing.

Your table plan

With a plethora of wedding-friendly apps out there, you can pretty much take your table plan wherever you go. Instead of wasting your weekend worrying about where to place your various groups of friends and family, you can use your commute to and from work to get it done and free up more of your spare time for the fun stuff!

Catching up with blogs and magazines

Most smart phones allow you to create an RSS feed so you can keep all the latest updates from your favourite wedding blogs in one place. So replace your morning paper with a blog-love session, or if you’re on the tube without signal, grab a magazine and use your time to get inspired. The great thing is, with many blogs updating a couple of times a day, there will more than likely be new content live by the time you’re ready to travel home.

Catch up with Under the Vintage Veil and other blogs on your commute

Time for strategy

You wouldn’t believe how many brides forget to do something as important as go to the registry office and declare their intention to marry prior to their wedding. Three weeks before the wedding, I was sitting with John and my face went ashen as I stared at him, mouth agape and just said “rings”! I’d totally forgotten. Use your time on public transport to create a full timeline of tasks which you can go over every few days or add to whenever you remember something.

Small DIY projects

Not all DIY projects are messy. I know people who’ve crocheted, knitted, sewn, cut (just be careful with bringing anything sharp onto public transport, you don’t want to get in trouble) and even drawn their wedding favours, for example. If you have a project that doesn’t make a big mess or require lots of bits to be carried around, then you can use your daily commute to get some of it done. It can also help to relax you before and after work, if you’re like me and crafting keeps you calm.

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