Eight reasons you won’t regret hiring a videographer

A while ago, I posted a short version of our own real wedding video on the blog. Aside from the photographer, who was just marvellous, having a videographer on the day was the best decision we could have ever made.

It’s hard to imagine as a new bride with a world of possibilities before you, the significance a wedding video can hold in years to come, but let me tell you why we are so happy that our wedding was recorded and saved.

Eight reasons you won’t regret hiring a videographer

It sounds morbid, but let me tell you from experience that life is short. Sometimes it’s tragically shorter than we anticipated or hoped, other times it’s just that time flies. In the last few weeks, videos have become extra meaningful for me – they’re a chance to see my dad again at his happiest, to hear his voice filled with words of love and encouragement, to see him dance with gusto. A few days ago I dusted off the old VCR and watched a tape of an old family party – so many loved ones that we’ve lost in the last ten years, I was able to see and remember them, clear as day, not just caught in a pretty moment, but their expressions, their movements… Yes, it was hard to watch in a way, but it was also such a relief to be able to remember them so clearly again.

You’ll never be able to quite recreate the look on your face or your happy glow as a bride. My dad asked me on several occasions to “do the funny little smile” I had on my wedding day. I couldn’t. It wasn’t faked and it couldn’t be brought back on cue – the only way to capture the sheer dopey bliss of your big day is to film it.

Ask your videographer for the rough footage of your wedding (the file can be huge so be patient) you wouldn’t believe what people get up to when you’re not looking!

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Photos can bring out the really gorgeous details in your wedding day design – but a video can pan around the room and give it proper context. It’s lovely to be able to see all your hard work come together on a day that you’re not struggling to take it all in.

Capturing the speeches (we have these on the longer, private version of the video) is a gift for the rest of your life. A wedding is a time for people to tell you how they truly feel about you – it’s also lovely to see your reaction back. I went red as a lobster and sobbed, but it’s still amazing to see the impact my loved ones’ words had on me, hearing them for the first time, and being able to recall exactly what was said.

One day, we’ll be able to show our children the moment we said our vows, the people that were there that they may not have met and give them a real view into their parents’ past (we were young and pretty once)!

For those friends and relatives who desperately wanted to be part of your big day but couldn’t make it for whatever reason, a video is a wonderful way to include them and show them how it all happened.

A nicely edited video can also bring the day to life in a way that nothing else can. It’s a great feeling to play movie star for a while, with lovely music and artistic shots of you saying your vows creating that Hollywood effect. Gorgeous.

Did you have a wedding video? What were you happiest with? What did you discover that you didn’t see on the day? We’d love to hear from you!

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