And our real bride Nicole is about to get married…

Tomorrow our lovely real bride Nicole will walk down the aisle. Nicole is a 33 year old bride from Surrey. She met her husband to be (Colin, 38) at a friend’s birthday back in May 2009. Nicole wants to re-invent the wedding wheel with her hand-made West Country weekend away! The big day is finally upon her, and she took the time last week to share the last of her planning journey with us.

Join me in wishing Nicole and Colin a wonderful wedding day followed by a lifetime of happiness. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your thoughts and plans with us, you’ve been amazing!

Coming up to the big day…

This was supposed to be my two week update but things have gone a bit crazy!

So we gave notice of our marriage and we are currently waiting until we can go and collect the final paperwork to take down to Cornwall with us. We have also been sent the pack from the Registrar where we have to choose all the wording of the ceremony, let them know that we are writing our own vows and having two readings.  I actually wrote my vows while waiting for my highlights to set last weekend (you have to use every minute of the day)!

Music has been a big focus for us and we’ve been manically trying to finish the playlist. We’ve got a singer (Roger Styles) in the evening but the music for the rest of the day will be played through an iPod. That’s probably taken up most of our time but music is important and I wanted it to be right, so I have songs allocated to different parts of the day to help create the perfect atmosphere.

I have learned the art of delegation, which is an important lesson for any bride, and have enlisted some friends to help with some of the more time-consuming jobs. I’ve had my friends hand-writing table numbers,  hand-tying ribbon round 100 corks, and one even making scones to bring down to the cottages.

We’ve all become a bit obsessed with the precarious British weather. We have a contingency plan in place in case it does rain during the afternoon, however we have made sure all the guests understand it is potentially going to be outdoors and to dress accordingly! Although the weather is unpredictable, and that rain was a possibility, not once did I think the weather would still be this cold by the end of March.

These last few weeks have been total mayhem with so many things to think about. Our entire evenings and weekends have been taken up with wedding prep, and one important thing we’ve learned is to take time out to relax and be with each other. We had a lovely dinner date a couple of weeks ago and it was really nice to get dressed up, go out for dinner and have some fun.

The presents and cards have started to flood in.. People’s generosity is always overwhelming, we’ve had some really thoughtful presents as well as money into our honeymoon fund.

As I’m writing this, I’m on a train with a one way ticket to Cornwall. As we are the first wedding at Kilminorth I’m going down a week early to help Jayne and the team with last minute site prep. It was sad leaving Colin as I waved goodbye to him at the station but he will be joining me in three days and I can’t wait. I love him like crazy and can’t wait to say ‘I do’!

Good luck for tomorrow, Nicole. You’ll be a beautiful bride and we’ll all be thinking of you and wishing you the best wedding day ever (and fingers crossed for the weather). 

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