Which vintage-inspired wedding is right for you?

“Vintage” is an all-encompassing term really just referring to a length of time or an age. It’s so broad, that brides who love one vintage era might absolutely detest another. A 70s-loving bride might not exactly fancy a 20s-inspired wedding, for example! What most vintage lovers do, is collect their favourite ideas from different eras and categorise them into decorating styles instead. Some pieces might be from the 30s, some from the 50s, but they are themed – and that’s how we’ll approach this quiz! If you love something about “the vintage look” but you’re confused about what it is that you want, then this quiz should unmuddle you!

Which vintage-inspired wedding is right for you?

My dream wedding venue is…

a.) Luxurious and ornate. Lots of gold, chandeliers and a really majestic feeling – the kind of place you could imagine fabulous soirées being thrown in the late 1800s, early 1900s.
b.) Rustic and laid back, like a barn or a backyard / field. Something very country and quirky.
c.) A black and white hall, a hint of glamour but minimalistic, angular and chic.
d.) Somewhere lively, fun and positively popping with colour – or a blank canvas I can make my own.
e.) Somewhere in nature – a forest or a beach, with naturally beautiful surroundings.

My dream wedding dress is…

a.) Something very glamorous and long, with a faux fur shrug and beautiful, ornate jewellery.
b.) A flirty, fifties-inspired tea-length frock.
c.) Something long, slinky and silky, perhaps a hint of flapper and pearls to finish the look.
d.) Something quirky and unique – just like you.
e.) Either something that isn’t an actual wedding gown but could pass for one, or something with really delicate, lace detail and maybe even long sleves. Either way, I’ll definitely have a flower crown and bare feet. Simple, but stunning.

I’ll travel to the venue in…

a.) A Rolls Royce Shadow, something classic with a touch of glamour.
b.) It would be really fun to arrive on the back of a polished up tractor, it would give me an excuse to wear my wedding wellies!
c.) A car that’s practically an antique – something really stunning from the 1920s or 30s.
d.) A double decker red bus.
e.) A vintage VW camper van.

My vintage heroine is…

a.) Grace Kelly.
b.) Marilyn Monroe.
c.) Audrey Hepburn.
d.) Twiggy.
e.) Farrah Fawcett.

The decoration and colour scheme I most like the sound of is…

a.) Muted, soft dusky colours, antique, purple roses with metallics, gold flower urns, gold-edged fruit, crystal chandeliers, decanters for drinks, platters for food and a general sense of luxury and opulence.
b.) Shabby wood against fabulous florals. I love bunting, lanterns, lace and a really eclectic mix of decorations. I might even bring in some hay bales for that country feel.
c.) I’d like a monochrome theme with a hint of colour and some gold edging, angular Art Deco designs and a lot of emphasis on the cake, which will be a masterpiece in itself.
d.) A cool Britannia theme, with lots of Union Jacks, pop art and cute DIY decorations. I want my wedding to be colourful, cheerful and very mod.
e.) Lots and lots of wildflowers, hessian runners, maybe even a picnic instead of a sit-down meal. When I picture my wedding, it’s almost like a magical grove filled with beautiful foliage and flowers.

I’d love my guests to wear…

a.) Really glamorous clothes. I’d love them dressed up to the nines for the occasion.
b.) Pretty floral frocks, linen suits, nothing too fancy but something that will still look pretty and eclectic in the pictures – just like the rest of the wedding.
c.) Something super chic and sleek.
d.) Bright colours and fun make up – it’s a celebration!
e.) Whatever they like – preferably something that will make them feel comfortable in their surroundings.

And the results….

Mostly As… Vintage glamour

Image © 2012 John Starns Photography

You are a total glamourpuss! Inspired by the decadent side of the 1950s, you’re the living embodiment of a silver screen siren. You have expensive taste, so your challenge is to fit your dream day into your realistic budget. You know how you like things and you have a strong focus on detail, so your wedding will be fabulous no matter what you do.

Your dream venue: The Savoy, or for fewer guests, Fetcham Park
Your dream dress designer: Jenny Packham

Mostly Bs… Country chic

Image © 2012 Emma Lucy Photography 

If you love Cath Kidston, lace, weathered wood, and a tiny teeny bit of luxury thrown into the country cottage mix, then you’ve absolutely landed in the right place! You want to have fun with your wedding, with an eclectic mix of beautiful, nostalgic items. You’re taking it seriously, but you’d also like everyone to have a fun knees up.

Your dream venue: Upwaltham Barns
Your dream dress designer: Candy Anthony

Mostly Cs… Art Deco dream

Image © 2012 Olliver Photography 

You love everything about 1920s and 30s Art Deco style, and you’re applying all that’s chic and sophisticated to your big day. Art Deco is a big trend in the wedding industry right now, so if you’re looking for inspiration, blogs and magazines are brimming with ideas.

Your dream venue: Eltham Palace
Your dream dress designer: Sabina Motasem

Mostly Ds… 60s mod

Image © 2012 Sara Reeve Photography 

You’re all about having a fantastic celebration – you want colour, life and the party-goer spirit of the 60s. Everything about your big day will be fun, friendly, classic and polished.

Your dream venue: Clissold Arms
Your dream dress designer: Joanne Fleming Design

Mostly Es… 70s flower power

Image © 2012 Catwalk Wedding

You’re a real nature lover, and that shows in your entire wedding plan. You love the idea of sprawling wildflowers, a stunning natural setting and long, flowing locks with pretty plaits. You’re really laid back about your big day and just can’t wait to say your vows.

Your dream venue: Wise Wedding Venue
Your dream dress designer:
Claire Pettibone

NB, the brides illustrating the results are not wearing pieces by the designers listed as dream designers. 

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