Vintage real bride Nicole – with six weeks to go – THE dress arrives

Earlier we brought you the first instalmentof Nicole’s two real bride bulletins for today. 

Nicole is a 33 year old bride from Surrey. She met her husband to be (Colin, 38) at a friend’s birthday back in May 2009. Nicole wants to re-invent the wedding wheel with her hand-made West Country weekend away!

She’ll be getting married at Kilminorth Cottages in Looe on 30th March. On planning her wedding, Nicole says: “We had a few rules when we first started planning, that I wouldn’t turn into a crazy wedding lady and to remember £100 is actually a lot of money. I hear of so many people that get carried away and money means nothing just because they feel they need the latest craze at their wedding. I’m not great about being centre of attention and talking about myself so these are things I’m having to get used to!”

With just six weeks to go, Nicole finally gets a glimpse of THE finished dress… share her excitement as we hurtle headfirst into the final weeks of her wedding planning. 

I have my dress!!!!! It was better then I remembered it and its absolutely perfect, I wanted to wear it all the way home! I still need to find a head dress but I have a supplier currently trying to source me the art deco look to tie in with the theme.

I had my first hen do last week with five of my oldest friends, which was truly special. Apart from the hideous photos of our 14-year-old selves that found their way out of the attic, they did an amazing job. I’m lucky enough to still have one more hen party to look forward to in a few weeks, then it really will be the final count down to the wedding.

My fiancé has had a suit made. We spent a lot of time trying to find the right material and it all evolved from a picture he saw on Pinterest. The suit was bespoke and made in the US so unless we happened to be flying over to New York any time soon we were not going to get that suit. He spoke to the supplier and they gave him a few distributors of tweed cloth in the UK so we started getting samples flying through the door.  It was really hard to visualise how it would look just from a 20 x 20cm swatch of material so it was a case of being brave and trusting our instincts. We found Oliver Brown in London who could bespoke a 3 piece suit and shirt, and specialising in tweed clothing it gave us confidence they would create the look Col was after.  We opted for charcoal grey Donegal tweed so very close to the original photo and after leaving the fabric with the tailors and making our decisions on every single detail of the design we left them to start creating.

Image source Pinterest

We went to see it last week which was nerve racking as what happens if we got there and it wasn’t anything like we imagined? Thankfully it was perfect, it needs a few more adjustments but it looked fantastic, phew!

I’m getting a group email ready to send to all the guests as there is so much to let them know about. Taking 100 people away for three nights does need some logistical planning. I’ve not even been to a weekend wedding so I don’t know what possessed us to decide to do this but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Found some gorgeous fabric from Patchwork Paradise (eBay shop and on Facebook) I’m going to start  making the table runners at the weekend, I’ve never made these before so could be interesting!

Off to Ikea with my sister this week to purchase all the plates & linen. Wish us luck! See you with four weeks to go for the next chapter…

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