Vintage real bride Nicole – with 8 weeks to go

Today we have a fabulous double bill of our real bride, Nicole, on the blog owing to a two week absence on our part! Nicole is a 33 year old bride from Surrey. She met her husband to be (Colin, 38) at a friend’s birthday back in May 2009. Nicole wants to re-invent the wedding wheel with her hand-made West Country weekend away!

She’ll be getting married at Kilminorth Cottages in Looe on 30th March. On planning her wedding, Nicole says: “We had a few rules when we first started planning, that I wouldn’t turn into a crazy wedding lady and to remember £100 is actually a lot of money. I hear of so many people that get carried away and money means nothing just because they feel they need the latest craze at their wedding. I’m not great about being centre of attention and talking about myself so these are things I’m having to get used to!”

Catch up on Nicole’s journey from the beginning here as Nicole gives us her updates eight weeks before the big day. 

I received an invite to my hen do last week.. super excited! I delegated the organisation of that to my sister as I knew I would have so much to do for actual day… best decision I made!! I haven’t got a clue what they have planned for me apart from it is an afternoon and evening do so people could join in with part or all of the hen do. I also have one this weekend with my oldest friends which I can’t wait for, it really marks the start of the celebrations and makes everything seem so real.

I emailed the flower wholesalers this week. I’ve decided on the gorgeous Protea as the main flower, I’m just hoping they can get them in. I found St Mellion florists in Saltash which isn’t too far from the venue and went into see them when we were last down there. They source flowers from all over the world so I’m hoping they will be able to get them in. After I found the Protea I looked at wiki to learn more about it and discovered it is native to South Africa which is one of our honeymoon destinations so I’m hoping that means it’s meant to be! I’ve also asked them to source white tulips, eucalyptus, scabious, verbena berries, peonies and not forgetting sweet peas, the flowers my grandparents had for their wedding back in 1948. We are lucky in the fact we will be able to get a lot of the foliage from around the site which is perfect for the rustic ‘with a hint of glam’ look I’m going for! I’m also very fortunate that one of my friends is a florist and has agreed to do the flowers huge thanks in advance!

I was lucky enough to meet with Jayne, the venue owner, last week as she was staying very close to us for the weekend. We met up to talk over how the prep was going and what was still high on the priority the to-do list, The ground on site is still very wet so we are hoping February is going to be dry! The registrar is visiting this week to sign off the ceremony areas so we can finally get the paperwork arranged and officially register the wedding!  We need a contingency for the ceremony area as it is outdoors so we need to organise some sort of cover if the weather isn’t kind to us. This is proving difficult as we won’t want to pay anything out if we don’t need it but we won’t know until the week before if we’re going to have rain or sunshine!

We also need to sort out the sound system as apart from the band in the evening the music will be played through an iPod. As its outdoors we are thinking we will need to hire PA systems including mics so everyone can hear the service.

We went dress shopping for mother of the bride at the weekend, any excuse for some mother and daughter time! Why is it as soon as you go shopping for a specific item you can’t find anything! Hobbs, Whistles, LK Bennett didn’t have the right colours. We were looking for blue. Just as we were giving up hope as it was towards the end of the afternoon my mum tried on a dress from Coast that was perfect. I’m glad I made her try it on as it wasn’t a pattern or colour she would typically be drawn to. We also got another one of the Duchamp suits for the best man. We did want him in something different to the dads however finding a three-piece wool suit was near to impossible. To make sure he stands out from the dads we decided he could wear a different colour shirt & tie.  Bridal party’s attire sorted!

I’ve had an email from the wedding dress shop to say it’s been made and ready for collection and I can’t wait to see it again…. until next time!

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