Starting again – a reintroduction to Under the Vintage Veil

So tomorrow’s the big day. I come back to work full time after a very long and difficult six months. In fact, it seems appropriate that today is our six month wedding anniversary (that’s a thing). A time to start fresh with my life and with the blog.

So  much has changed in that time – and as a result there are going to be some pretty awesome changes here at Under the Vintage Veil. Make sure you read to the end to find out what those changes are!

First of all I want to reintroduce myself – and to introduce myself to lovely new brides who I haven’t chatted to before:


My name is Sara. I’m 25 years old and live with my new husband, John, and our four (yes, really) cats just outside of London.

Under the Vintage Veil wasn’t dreamed up as a business idea. It developed very organically as a result of me documenting my own planning and sharing ideas. After four months of blogging I was so hooked, I decided to take the plunge and invest all of my time and energy into it.

The risk paid off and very soon we were enjoying getting to know all of our lovely new friends in the vintage community, spending all of our time at wedding fairs, launches, events and meeting our readers by exhibiting ourselves.

I can’t wait to put my whole heart (and all of my time) back into the blog that has given me so much joy… but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Our wedding day

Things I like

Kind people that go above and beyond when appropriate
My family (a small  number of my friends are included in this category)
Making things! Knitting, crafting, painting furniture, creating pretty things out of less pretty things…
Singing and songwriting
Fantasy novels / films that are clearly written for children or teenagers. Shhh….
♥ Nail polish

Family + nature = awesome

Things I don’t like

Loud chewing (I could write a thesis on this).
People who stand (or walk really slowly) in the middle of pedestrian traffic so you can’t get around them.
Unsolicited life advice
Wedding suppliers that are (seemingly deliberately) unhelpful.
One-sided conversations with people who get really worked up about things that (in the big scheme of things) seriously honestly don’t matter

Under the Vintage Veil is going places

For the first time, I’m happy to announce some changes that are happening here at Under the Vintage Veil.

We have a number of things cooking – first of all the complete and total redesign of the site, with new regular features and beautiful new graphics. We love our current design, but it’s time to make way for the new – and we couldn’t be more excited!

We’ll announce more details of this closer to the launch date.

And for those of you who’d love a happy, home-made life… 

A new sister lifestyle blog

We’re also thrilled to announce that we will be launching a sister blog to Under the Vintage Veil. We’re keeping the name under wraps for now, but it will be a haven for vintage lifestyle enthusiasts! We’ll be writing about:

Vintage-inspired home decoration and DIY
The best vintage-inspired travel destinations
Beauty, hair and nail tutorials by our readers and the expert
Baking and recipes
Knitting and crochet club
Vintage film club
Love, marriage, relationships and babies
Reviews of vintage shops, car boot sales and auctions

If you’re interested in contributing anything to the new site, we’ve started gathering content (drum rolllllllllllll….) NOW!

Any tutorials you send in must be

a.) original work (or a twist on something you’ve seen)
b.) vintage inspired
c.) well photographed at each step of the way
d.) exclusive to Under the Vintage Veil and not published elsewhere

Please send your ideas to with the name of the category you’d like to contribute to. Or if you’d like us to come and review your shop or event, please get in touch too! We’ll also be featuring your home decoration triumphs – so if you have a house you’re particularly proud of, send us some pictures!

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