Seven things not to try for the first time on your wedding day

Your wedding day is a big milestone. It’s the day for a lot of firsts – your first kiss as a married couple, your first dance, the first time you’ve worn a wedding dress in front of all of your friends and family… the list of firsts is endless. 

Or is it? Under the Vintage Veil takes you through our list of things NOT to do for the first time on your big day. Trust us. 

Seven things not to try for the first time on your wedding day

1. The bridesmaids’ dresses

Having had bridesmaids flying in from overseas for my wedding, I know how hard it can be to get everyone organised when it comes to weddings, particularly in the bridesmaids department. But if you’ve bought dresses for your maids, waiting until the big day to have them try them on for the first time is a recipe for disaster.

Even custom-made dresses can be a slightly awkward fit, particularly if one of your bridesmaids has got a measurement slightly out. You don’t want to wait until there’s no time left to find out that a dress is too baggy or worse, doesn’t do up!

If your maids live far away, see if they can come a few days before the wedding so you at least have one or two working days for alterations (cutting it fine, but better than nothing) and have somebody on standby in case the job needs to be done.

2. The food

If you’re using a caterer then you should be offered samples of your menu. If not, and you’re self catering or using a supermarket pick-up service, it can be tempting just to leave things to fate. But you don’t want to wait until you’re tucked in to your wedding breakfast to find out you don’t fancy the food. Tasting sessions can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning – so make sure you make time for it.

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3. A new talent

Have you discovered you can rollerblade? Channel spirits? Make your dog dance? Your wedding day isn’t the time for a first performance. Nuff said.

4. A new face cream

That new, expensive face cream you’ve been saving for your wedding day? Don’t.
No matter how reputable or luxurious a product, no matter how sure you are that your skin is fairly predictable, break the budget a bit and try it out the month before. Any experimenting can result in temporary skin breakouts, or you could react badly, so be safe rather than sorry.

5. The first dance

You might be a pair of very seasoned dancers, in which case disregard the following advice. But if you’re like the majority of couples I know, you might find coordinating even the most simple of slow dances a challenge. Lots of people rely on “winging it”, and that’s not always an unsuccessful tactic – but you might feel a bit more confident if you have a couple of practice rounds. It feels silly and counter-intuitive at the time, but you’ll reap positive results!

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6. Your wedding hair style

I’m so glad I had a hair trial – because the look I initially had in mind just didn’t suit me. Having a trial gave me time to work through any issues I had with my hair, instead of getting flustered on the day trying to work it out. I’m 100% sure that if I’d tried to save £ with the hair trial, it would have been absolutely disastrous and cost me hours of getting ready time on the day.

7. Honesty

I’m a firm believer that honesty is always the best policy – with one exception. Your wedding day. Emotions can run high at a stressful or nerve-wracking time. Adrenaline also kicks in when you’re about to walk down the aisle – and the last thing you want is to misdirect that surge of energy and confidence and finally have a go at that family member or friend that’s been driving you nuts! Weddings can bring up a lot of issues in your family dynamic, and believe me, your wedding day is the worst possible time to thrash things out. Save any gripes for a less pivotal day of your life and don’t ruin your big day by letting your mouth run away with you.

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