Welcome Shoes of Prey to Under the Vintage Veil

We’re really excited to welcome the amazing Shoes of Prey to Under the Vintage Veil. Shoes of Prey was one of our fabulous Veilbash sponsors, providing our catwalk models with their stunning designs. We’re so honoured to have such a prestigious and, frankly, incredible brand in our Under the Vintage Veil family.

You’ll also recognise Shoes of Prey from Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, where the gorgeous girls were tasked with shooting a Shoes of Prey campaignShoes of Prey let you design your own perfect shoe, which means you’ll never be left searching for the right wedding shoes again. I dare you not to spend hours designing shoes on the Shoes of Prey website… go on, try to resist!

There’s also a special Bridal Shoes section, where brides-to-be can design the perfect shoe for their special day. If you’re looking for wedding shoes (or just looking for luxe, customisable and chic shoes – I know I am frequently) get on Shoes of Prey quickly!


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