Totally unique wedding photography ideas

So you’ve found your wedding photographer, someone with an eye for capturing moments, whose style you absolutely love. Photographers are artists – and if you’ve done your research and picked a true professional, they will no doubt produce amazing pictures to treasure for the rest of your life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the creative process. They may have a certain style but your brief will help your photographer to make sure they really get your personality in the mix too. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here are a few creative ideas (by a few of my favourite photographers from previous features and recent submissions). 

Get creative with your group shots

Whether you’re taking pictures of all of your guests together or of the wedding party, there’s no reason they need to be lifeless group shots where everyone’s looking awkwardly at the camera. The following photographers have demonstrated how to have some real fun with their group shots.

An interesting background combined with a sense of fun – photographer Becky Mitchell captures the group spirit of the wedding party

Lots of people in one place = scope for creative shapes. Fleur Challis demonstrates the advantage of having a bird’s eye view

Jonathon Watkins of Photoglow’s submission plays with the traditional groomsmen line up and gives it an original twist

Oscar and Rose Photography turns the group shot concept on its head with these creative images

And another by Oscar and Rose Photography:

And a few from my own big day – shot by the fabulous Satureyes

Pick brilliant backgrounds

The background of your images can take a picture from pretty to perfect. Have a look at these examples of photos where the background enhances the photo rather than steals the show:

Unique and quirky – Sarah Legge Photography captures this couple’s personality by using their wedding VW as a prop. 

Olliver Photography combines 30s-inspired styling with a chic backdrop to create this stunning photograph

And the bride wore blue – pure genius by Sara Reeve Photography

Play with props

If you’re short on a quirky backdrop, props can give your pictures some real character and life. Here are some of my favourite examples of props in wedding photos:

Cotton Candy Wedding Photography produced this cute and quirky picture

A really creative photographer can even use your clothes as props – by Natalie J Weddings

Balloons make fabulous wedding props, as demonstrated by this shot by the ever-amazing Emma Lucy Photography.

And finally – another shot from my own big day: parasols make for elegant and pretty pictures. By Satureyes.

Are you planning to play around with your wedding photos? Have you got creative ideas to share with your photographer? We’d love to hear them – pop them in the comment box below!

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