Six not-so-subtle ways to let him know you want a proposal

Personally I’m an advocate of the “don’t ask, don’t get” philosophy. If you’re waiting for a proposal, why not get down on one knee and ask yourself? But if you’re looking for flowers and fireworks and he isn’t getting the hint, here are a few not-so-subtle ways, courtesy of the Under the Vintage Veil team, to let him know that you have weddings on your mind:

Disclaimer: these methods are intended as sarcastic humour – admittedly the lowest form of wit – and you should not try these at home. Under the Vintage Veil cannot be held liable for any loss of relationship as a result of these antics:

Six ways to make him propose (or run a mile)

 Start a collection of ring catalogues, wedding magazines and brochures to leave around the house. Men aren’t always very observant, so for maximum effectiveness, remove any other literature from the bathroom area and replace with wedding-related reading materials, to ensure they don’t go unnoticed. Circle any rings that have caught your eye lest he get the wrong one.

 Ensure that every film you watch together is themed around a wedding, or has the words “wedding”, “bride” or “proposal” in the title. The more preposterous a premise you can find in the chick flick genre, the better. It’s good education – he’ll thank you for it.

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 Replace all of his CDs, MP3s, his iTunes collections, with songs about marriage, weddings and babies.

 If he’s still very slow on the uptake, perhaps subliminal messaging might do the trick. Try to fit the words “marriage”, “propose”, “bridal”, “wedding”, “groom” etc. into as many sentences as possible but in different context. There are many situations in which this is appropriate. When preparing for a night out you can espouse the joys of “grooming” yourself. When on a lovely country walk you can suggest the “bridal” pathway. See? If you can get as many different words into the sentence as you can, the message will be more effective. He definitely won’t think you’re weird.

 If he hasn’t got a great deal of initiative, arrange a lovely romantic surprise – for yourself! Get a friend or family member to plant the entire scenario in his mind in detail, allowing him at every stage to believe it’s all been his idea.

If all else fails, just buy yourself a ring and tell all your friends and family you’re engaged. If that doesn’t work, let his friends and family know too. He’ll soon hear about it!

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