A something blue bride at a very special Brighton elopement – Karin and Chris

Morning all. I was sent these beautiful, creative and intimate images by the wonderful Sara Reeve Photography. The elopement meant this wedding isn’t detail heavy – but just goes to show that an amazing photographer makes that totally irrelevant. I love it when couples are brave enough to make their big day just about the two of them. That’s exactly what Karin and Chris did. I think it bodes really well for their marriage that just having each other there was enough for them – it says a lot about what they feel for each other. There is no doubt in my mind that these two are meant for each other – the pictures say it all, pure happiness! In Karin’s words:

“We had originally planned a much larger wedding for March 2013 which was also going to be in Brighton as we love the seaside but it went from just wanting a very small do to everyone wanting to be invited and didn’t feel fun anymore. As we’ve already been together 22 years we didn’t want a big deal and wanted it to mean something to us and not become about everybody else, it also worked so much cheaper that we could have a more interesting honeymoon. Plus it made it exciting again to have a secret that only we knew, even my Dad who lives just outside Brighton didn’t know.”

“When we got home (from honeymoon) it was a relief to tell everyone and they all without exception were really happy for us. We were only really worried about parents and close family and friends but they understood and most people actually seemed to think it was a very good idea!  Sara’s lovely pictures helped a lot as we could send out a great slideshow so they could share our day and our friends have since thrown us a surprise party to celebrate.  It might have seemed harsh to not invite anyone but we felt it was all or nothing and if we invited one person that someone else would be offended, it worked out perfectly as everyone was surprised but also pleased.”

Images © Sara Reeve Photography


My dress was from http://www.hopeandharlequin.com/ in Brighton. They specialise in copies of original vintage wedding dresses made to measure as well as actual vintage wedding dresses and general vintage clothes and accessories. I didn’t really want a ‘weddingy’ type dress (ie: nothing white or long) and as I love vintage anyway I just started looking at all the usual shops in London and Brighton that I already liked to visit.

It was the first thing that fell into place (after getting the engagement ring which was also from the Laines in Brighton) and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. Originally it was too big and long but I was attracted to the amazing beading around the top (which I ended up spending hours myself repairing) and the lovely heavy silk material. Hope & Harlequin altered the dress to fit me perfectly (well it did after 3 fittings!) as well as considerably shortening the length to give it a more modern twist which has also given me some of the material left over that I’ve not decided what to do with. This also made the dress an absolute bargain even with all the work on it.

Chris’s suit was from Reiss. I saw it online or in a magazine and thought it was a lovely colour and that with a skinny tie (from http://www.jumpthegun.co.uk/ in Brighton) it could look just ’60’s inspired enough to fit in with my dress (not an easy thing to do without tipping Chris off as to the style of my dress). Chris did not want to see the dress beforehand so I had to suggest things without making anything I was doing too obvious.

My hair was done by Brighton local Ingrid Watts and make up was done by the brilliant Emma Ashcroft, who is based in Brighton

Our Honeymoon was 2 weeks in Sweden a mix of a few days in a wonderful rustic cottage (well, more like a shed with a wood burning stove really) in the woods of a holiday home community that we found on https://www.airbnb.co.uk/ which is a great site where owners rent out their properties. Two fantastic days in the Tree hotel (this was our room http://www.treehotel.se/?pg=cabin ). Which is an amazing place 60k south of the Acrtic circle in the middle of a forest with pods suspended in the trees, the rooms are amazing and Britta the owner was lovely and looked after us very well. We finished off in Stockholm and stayed in http://www.4trappor.se/ which calls itself a B&B but is actually an incredibly reasonably priced tiny apartment in the middle of the trendiest part of Stockholm equipped with everything you could possibly need. The lovely owners flat is right next door and you can have breakfast in her place if you wish, she could not do enough for us including booking a taxi back to the airport for us so we wouldn’t get ripped off!

Although we generally had a low tech, DIY, ‘rustic’ honeymoon that didn’t cost an arm and a leg we still had a wonderful adventure, made even better by the fact that no-one knew where we were (we told them we were having a cheap beach holiday to explain our absence!).

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