Spring 2013 Colours with Meryl Part 3- Poppy Red

Every day for ten days we’re bringing you Meryl’s take on Pantone’s Spring 2013 colours. Today Meryl looks at some Poppy Red inspiration. We hope you enjoy and it brings some sunshine to your day! 

Today is Poppy Red with the feel of hazy sunshine in the barley fields. The red brings to mind passion and love, children running around with rosy red cheeks. The smell of sweet treats and red sunsets, pouty red lips and fast cars. Poppy Red brings to life your passion in spring.

Image Sources
Dress – Marchesca 2013 Spring Collection
Table Decor -Elizabeth Ann Designs
Stationery {image source only}
Shoes – Aruna Seth 

Please note this is a homage to the best in the industry and Under the Vintage Veil does not own, or claim to own, any of these images. Images have been clearly credited and linked, but if you are unhappy with the use of your product image, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will remove it from the site. 

Are you having a spring wedding next year? Will you be incorporating Poppy Red or any of Pantone’s chosen colours? We’d love to hear from you! 


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