For the love of music

It is one of those many arguments that can make or break a dance floor on the night of your wedding: What do people like to dance to? Should you play the songs you want? What genre of music will appeal to everyone?

Of course no one wants to bring the “Birdy Song” (linked for your amusement) back just for the relatives who are old enough to enjoy it but then again what about drum and bass music that you like it, just because you are the bride and groom, you cannot outcast half the guests. Sometimes it even brings the reputation of the DJ involved into question. Surely, a DJ knows how to work his crowd so why then, have I heard that some brides give a list of songs and ask for no deviation, Crazy!

Then there is the iPod Disco craze. Great for reducing costs but it can also reduce the number of people on a dance floor. I have known some couples who ask in their invites to email a list of music people like for their reception party. Which is a great idea but can increase costs.

It also must be mentioned that unless a bride and groom are determined to stay on the dance floor all night, they will undoubtably have to leave it to speak to guests. Which is they have opted for music they like, could leave a disco area like a ghost town.

So what would you have ; music that you like because it is your day and reflects your personality as a couple? Or have music that will entice people to dance on the dance floor?

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