Florist’s Corner: How to choose the right florist – A guest post by Love From Katie

Happy Friday everyone! We have a special treat on the blog today – expert florist, Katie (of Love From Katie) takes control of florist’s corner to give you some fab tips and tricks to help you find the right florist. The post covers everything you’ll need to know, so I’ll put you in Katie’s very capable hands. Enjoy! 

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How to choose the right florist

Do your research

Choosing a florist can be tough, especially if you are unsure about what you are looking for.  As a 2012 bride myself, I found a lot of my ideas were in my head and trying to explain them to someone else was nearly impossible!

There are so many florists out there that it can be hard to know which one to choose. It’s always a good idea to talk to friends and family about florists they have used in the past. Sometimes your wedding venue has a list of preferred suppliers that can guide you towards the right person.

Research is the best way. Visit wedding fairs, look in bridal magazines, see which florists have been featured and have a look at their websites, read reviews and have a look at their most recent work. If they have social media then it’s always good to have a look at that too and see up to date information on their blog if that have one. Does their style suit your look? Are their designs fresh and current? Do they appeal to you? Do they cover your area? Some florists will travel but it’s always best to check where they are based.

Book a consultation

Once you have done your research, it is always worth arranging a consultation with a couple of florists so that you can compare costs and ideas and see which one is going to work best for you. Have a look at their portfolios and pictures of weddings they have done in the past, if you are visiting a shop then have a look at the flower selection they have available and the shop display. Does it appeal to you? Do you get a good feeling about them? It is always good to get to know the florists personal style and how they classify themselves. You want the florist to suit your style and compliment the look you are trying to achieve for your wedding.

When you arrange to meet the florist, bring as many ideas with you as you can-fabric samples, colour schemes, photo inspirations are all really good ways of ensuring that you and the florist can share an understanding of what you want. I am a huge fan of Pinterest and mood boards so get creative and play around, it is always a huge help in ensuring the florist understands your vision! If you are unsure about what you want then florists are always keen to suggest options and help guide you with what is in season. I think the most important aspect of all is that you get on well; you want to make sure that the florist knows what you want and understands your ideas; after all, this is one of the most important days of your life!

Consultation Checklist

 Pictures of flowers and arrangements you like.
Photo of your wedding dress, fabric samples and colours from your bridesmaids dresses.
 Photos of the venue, if possible.
 If you want to supply the containers/vases then it is a good idea to bring an example of them.
 A list of the flowers you will need-bouquets, buttonholes, table centres etc.
 Flowers you like and dislike. Florists can help advise you on what will be in season.

Florists often get booked up very quickly, so once you have all the information you need and feel you have chosen the right one for you it is best to book them. I would recommend booking your florist 6-8 months before you wedding date, this gives you plenty of time to research and discuss ideas and options.

Budgets & Questions

It is good to be up front about your budget, a lot of time goes in to writing quotes so the florist needs to know what you are prepared to spend. It might be worth asking the florist where they get their flowers from, sourcing them locally and sticking to seasonal flowers and foliage is a favourite of mine and helps keep costs down. Things to also consider when discussing your budget are delivery costs, setup fees, timings etc

Here is a list of questions that might prove useful during your consultation:

 Who will be making your arrangements? Will it be the florist you are speaking to?
 Ask for their opinion about your ideas and colour scheme. It is always useful to hear their feedback and professional advice. You might like their ideas better than your own!
 Discuss delivery and set up charges.
 Give them the address/addresses of your venue/reception location. Discuss logistics and delivery times-often this can be finalised 1 month before the wedding.
 How do you secure the date? Usually there is a deposit required. Ask when the final balance is due.
♥ When do they need to finalise ideas? Is there a cut-off date to change your order?

All florists love talking flowers and weddings! I have a passion for nature and discovering new materials, I love mixing different textures and colours together to create something special. Sharing new and exciting ideas and being part of someone’s special day is the reason I love what I do! It is a wonderful time full of excitement so enjoy every minute of it.

Love From Katie

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