Crisis, opportunity and your wedding

According to my hero, Lisa Simpson (yes, really) the Chinese language uses the same word for “crisis” as it does for “opportunity” (actually, different word, same symbol apparently but anyway).

It got me thinking about my various wedding crises. I think I had them all, from interfering folk to indifferent folk, from fallouts to dress fails, from supplier disasters to weather worries.

What I failed to see at the time is that each “crisis” was, in fact, an opportunity.

When our original venue fell through, it gave me the opportunity (that I hadn’t considered before) to get married at my old school.

When a supplier never got back to me, it gave me the opportunity to find a better, more cost-effective supplier.

When I fell out with a member of our wedding party, it gave me the opportunity to review or friendship properly – and to give the role to people I loved who I’d been unable to accommodate because of numbers.

So I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. If something goes wrong with your wedding day, it’s out of your control. But you can control whether you see a crisis or an opportunity for something even better. So make the best possible choice for yourself and keep smiling!

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