A seventies-inspired retro love shoot – Helen and Simon

Aren’t you lovely folks lucky? Two days of Rebecca from Catwalk Wedding‘s work in a row! This fantastic love shoot is inspired by the bohemian chic style of the seventies. Helen, the bride to be, is just stunning – and it’s fantastic to see a couple look so natural and in love together! Can we say “aaaw?” Over to Rebecca to tell you all about Simon and Helen’s engagement session:

“I loved meeting Helen and Simon on my trip to the Cotswolds for their 70s inspired dreamy engagement shoot. I cant even describe how cute these two are and so blissfully in love. From the moment Simon came and picked me up, to our chats on the way to his and Helen’s log cabin in the middle of the countryside I just knew the shoot was going to to be wonderful.

On meeting Helen and seeing all the excited things she had planned my excitement grew even more. A pool table in the garden with edible cupcake pool balls, handmade lava laps, giant balloons, space hoppers, smoke bombs, a countryside barn picnic with pancakes and woodland animals. I cant believe the effort Helen put into everything, not only did she make most of the things on the shoot, she also made her gorgeous jumpsuit, I found out she is starting her own business selling vintage style clothes which is amazing!
Helens lovely parents Chris and Nancy were also there to help on the shoot, blowing bubbles (often in the wrong direction due to the wind, it seemed that no where the bubbles came from they would always blow in the wrong direction) What a lovely family they have and despite waking up to find rain the day of the shoot when Helen envisaged low sun backlight shots, it didn’t dampen the shoot at all and just when we needed sun, it shone down on the pool table for those gorgeous outdoor shots.
I enjoyed every moment of this shoot and feel very lucky to have meet such a beautiful couple”
Images © Catwalk Wedding

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