A Bonnie and Clyde retro engagement shoot

Halcyon and James met in prison. Working as a psychologist and a prison officer respectively, of course. Their fabulous engagement session was shot by the unbelievably talented Rebecca of Catwalk Wedding (nail on the head with every set of images I see of hers – incredible), who fell in love with the couple’s unique style and fantastic relationship.

Halcyon, the bride-to-be, explained the concept behind the shoot: “James and I met in Brixton Prison. I am a psychologist and he is a prison officer. We are the last people who wish to glamorise crime but we thought it might be amusing to incorporate subtle references to our shared background into our wedding styling. Think less convict and more Bonnie and Clyde, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, a white-hot love story with two people completely wrapped up in each other. Steering clear of guns etc. focusing instead on the love story and the look, cigarette smoke, newsreel, black coffee. Love on the run.”

Images © 2012 Catwalk Wedding

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