What has been happening this week?

Happy Sunday to everyone and especially Happy Birthday to Sara, who is sunning herself on her honeymoon as you read this!

As we come to a close for this week I thought we should do a little recap. Lots of things have been happening and I also think it would be great to share what each of us have also been up to.

Under the Vintage Veil Posts

 Monday: We debated over the reasons for and against having a second shorter dress for your wedding. The overall opinion from facebook and twitter interaction was that a lot of brides will be doing this as it is a lot easier to dance in the evening. See here to make up your own opinion.

 Tuesday: We looked at whether staying sober on your wedding day was a good idea or not. Most feedback was interesting ranging from “I will be making sure I have a drink- but will limit myself” to “I do not drink”. Click here to see which option you will go for.

 Wednesday: A beautiful love shoot took to the blog and it captured the afternoon golden sun and a gorgeous couple from Wisconsin. Have a look here to see the fabulous DIY back drop they created.

 Thursday: Our very own Mr Under the Vintage Veil wrote a post asking whether Stag and Hen do’s are relevant. Do you agree with John? or do you think it is still appropriate to have a separate party? find out here.

 Friday: You were treated to a gorgeous wedding from Florida. An outside vintage delight with sun, sand and simplistic elegance. Have a look here for inspirations and a look at Brenna and Brian’s wedding.

As for me {Meryl} this week has seen me celebrate my birthday, enjoy a fabulous day out at Harry Potter Studios, galore in the multitude of stands at the National Wedding Show and I was thankful to have a wonderful family meal.

So have you done anything great this week? Did you join in with any of our debates? Is there something you want us to discuss on the blog? Are you having a debate about your own wedding with your family? Let us know!

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