Should you stay sober on your big day?

Everyone gets drunk at weddings right? Even the bride and groom? Quite often – yes. But is getting drunk at your own wedding a good idea? Under the Vintage Veil explores the pros and cons of having a tipple on your big day!


I’m not a big drinker – but having a little glass of your favourite drink can take the edge off your wedding nerves – even if it’s just a small amount.

Champagne on your wedding day does add a real sense of occasion.

You’ll know you partied hard, let your hair down.

After months of wedding planning you probably deserve a drink.


A word to the wise – you can’t legally get married drunk.

You want to be able to remember your big day – it goes by in enough of a blur without adding alcohol to the mix.

If you’re an angry, weepy or flirty drunk, don’t do it – you don’t want to embarrass yourself!

Nobody likes a bride with puke down her dress.

Remember it’s your wedding night. You don’t want to be too drunk to… y’know…

Fill up on food before you drink (my mum’s delicious quiches above) Image © 2012 Satureyes

Some tips for drinking at your wedding – safely

Of course it’s natural to want to knock back a few at your own wedding reception – you deserve it! But make sure you have a strategy in place to make sure you don’t ruin the night for yourself:

Don’t drink before the ceremony – unless you want it to be legally void. You can’t enter into any contract (let alone one of such importance) unless you’re of sound mind.

Pace yourself – make sure you have plenty of water in between drinks and try to make one drink last a while. Don’t try to keep up with your friends – they’re not the ones in a wedding dress.

Remember that on your big day you’re likely to be much more nervous than usual – which means you probably won’t have eaten that much. Force some bread / carbs down you before you drink too much and make sure you line your stomach.

Wait until all the important bits are over – your first dance, the speeches, and the cutting of the cake, before you start drinking in earnest.

Are you planning to drink at your wedding reception? Do you have a strategy in place to make sure things don’t get too messy? Leave us some comment love! 

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