High street vs bespoke – why your dream ring deserves your time and full attention

Afternoon my vintage-loving lovelies! Today we have a lovely guest post for you from the brilliant Sara Taylor of Taylor&Co, a fabulous bespoke engagement and wedding ring supplier. I had a lovely chat with Sara this week and I have to say, before I spoke to her, I genuinely thought that tailor-made rings were for with people with huge ring budgets. Not necessarily the case. We bought our rings on the high street and, while they’re nice rings, had we known about a more relaxed, personal service, we might have done things differently. We were a little disappointed with the selection in our price range and the idea of designing our own rings is very romantic! So, over to Sara to tell you all about the difference between a high street ring and a bespoke service.

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Before I start, let me preface this by saying there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting a high-street wedding or engagement ring. The pros are, of course, that it’s often (although not always) inexpensive, a quick service and less time consuming.

I may be biased, but while convenience and swift service are good things, I strongly believe that your wedding ring, being a serious lifelong commitment, deserves to be chosen very carefully.

Sometimes the words “tailor made” can actually sound a bit intimidating. A lot of brides like the idea of having their rings especially made, but have the idea that it will automatically be out of their budget, or somehow less convenient than popping into a shop.

We’ve spent the last few years dispelling that myth. We can cater for pretty much any budget, from £300 to £3000, which means that potentially for the same price as a high-street ring, you can add your own personal touches, change parts of a design or even start from scratch creating your dream ring. The best bit? A bespoke service means you can do all of this in your own home – you don’t even have to leave the house – what could be more convenient?

As a company, we don’t hold stock and so you can’t order online from us, which does make the process slightly longer, but being a family business, we personally check the quality of each ring to make sure it meets our very high standards. In short, while a high-street ring is still likely to be of good quality, you don’t have the same personal assurance that it will be totally flawless, not a scuff mark or scratch in sight.

Finally, with our private consultations, we start with the stone. The reason we do this is that the precious stone is the most important part of the ring – even a slight deviation in colour and clarity can mean that different stones suit different brides. It also really reassures our brides and grooms about the quality of our stones, they can see for themselves what will be going into their rings before the ring is made.

While there are many benefits of going to a high-street retailer, the care and attention you (and your ring) receive with a bespoke, independent jeweller is an unparalleled experience and I would highly recommend it.

When choosing an independent jeweller, here are a few things to think about

♥ It’s always worth double checking that your jeweller complies with UN regulations on conflict-free diamonds. We make sure all of our diamonds are ethically sourced, but don’t accidentally buy blood diamonds – do your research.

 Make sure your ring supplier is happy to go above and beyond for you. The bespoke experience is all about service so you have to be comfortable with the person you’re dealing with.

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