Five things I miss about wedding planning (and five things I really don’t)

Hello lovelies – we’re on a scheduling kick here at Under the Vintage Veil – so while we’re all preoccupied, I thought I’d pen you a little article about what I miss about wedding planning now that I’m married – and what I really don’t miss! I hope you enjoy!

Five things I miss about wedding planning

Spending time with my best gals! The wedding naturally brought me a lot closer to my friends and family as we were busy plotting things – now that there’s no scheming to be done I have to admit I really do miss it! Now it’s just finding excuses to talk to them more!

Endless parties in my honour. I admit it, I was enjoying all the attention – ‘kay? But who doesn’t like being thrown a party??

John helping my mum out with preparing the wedding food. How could you not find this entertaining?

“Being the bride”. I was a nightmare – bossy, neurotic, annoying – and I loved every minute of it! I had a good year and a half, and I think that’s enough for my sanity (and everyone else’s) but hey, I’ll never be the bride again!

Image credit: Satureyes

Buying little things for myself (like beauty products I can’t afford) because they’re “for the wedding”. Now what are they for??

Five things I don’t miss about wedding planning

Oh God the endless DIY! OK, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE crafting. I don’t love being a one-woman wedding factory. Projects that are really fun when you start them can get pretty stressful when you have to do it times 120 every time! That’s me putting the finishing touches to the final DIY project – the chuppah (or canopy) under which we got married!

Having no free time whatsoever. I don’t miss that. I can now do fun and interesting things with my weekend. Look, here’s me at the zoo – I couldn’t have befriended a penguin when I was planning my wedding – too time consuming!

Having no money to buy anything for myself. Yes, I know that totally contradicts everything I said earlier. What I mean is, I didn’t have money for things like new glasses (even though I couldn’t see properly) because they weren’t a wedding-related purchase. But now I do – lookeeee new glasses:

The never-ending dramas that come with wedding planning. Like a supplier being difficult or a family member having a tantrum. I’m sort of enjoying the quiet life!

OK, as much as I loved seeing John in a funny apron, I’m not going to miss putting my poor mum through four months of this (don’t worry, those are John’s hands, not my mum’s!):

Are you going to miss wedding planning? Is there anything you can’t wait to be done with? Are you married already with the benefit of hindsight? We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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