Five reasons to have a second (shorter) dress

I wanted a second dress for my wedding. I didn’t get one. Why? Well, budget issues aside (I could have sold a kidney or something) a lot of my friends and family suggested it would be diva-ish of me to have a costume change. Well, after my wedding, I can honestly say that my one biggest regret was not getting that second dress – and I’ll tell you why!

Me trying to dance through hundreds of layers of tulle! Image © Satureyes 

Five reasons to have a second dress

The obvious reason – practicality. I know – who wants to be practical on their wedding day, right? But hear me out. I talked myself out of that second dress because I figured if I was going to pay so much for the first one I should get full use out if. But what ended up happening? Me desperately trying to dance with a full-length ballerina gown, trailing it along the floor – and the amount of times it got stepped on doesn’t bear thinking about. I’m left with the tattered, muddy remains of a once-glorious gown. That damage could have been avoided, and I could have danced like I wanted to at my wedding. Instead I was confined to the side of the room, clapping like an idiot (minimum damage exercise) and watching everyone else have fun. Boo.

The diva-ish reason – because it makes an impression. I’m not going to lie, the initial impact of my dress was great – but that first impression melted pretty quickly (along with my make-up, it was the hottest day of the year after all) and after an hour or two, people were pretty used to seeing me in my dress. A quick outfit change would have been really refreshing at that point – and would wow your groom for a second time.

It opens up a whole range of possibilities for the rest of your look. You could have lovely loose curls during the day that sweep up into an evening ‘do, or vice versa – make-up can be taken from light day coverage to a smoky evening look, all in a matter of minutes. As a bride it can be so hard to choose how you want to style things – so why pass up  the opportunity to do it twice?

I had the most beautiful wedding heels by Rachel Simpson. Nobody saw them. Case closed.

You probably won’t want to miss a minute of your wedding party – but actually it could be really helpful to use the outfit change as an excuse to take a breather from the hectic party for a minute. The day can go by in such a blur it could be really nice to step back with one of your best girls and have a moment of calm.

Are you wearing more than one dress? Or do you think it’s an unnecessary extravagance! I’d love to hear from you!

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