A personal post – making yourself happy

This has nothing at all to do with weddings – but hey, it’s Friday! So I figured I’d write a little piece about happiness today!

Happiness comes in so many forms – but it doesn’t always fall into our laps. Sometimes it’s up to us to take the initiative and find our own little slices of happiness! So here are a few things I’ve done in the last week to make myself happy!

Happiness is…

♥ Sinking back into a warm, candlelit bubble bath after a long day at work

♥ Dressing up – just for the sake of it

♥ Making a snuggly nest of cushions and blankets in the living room

♥ Booking that spontaneous romantic weekend away to Dartmoor that I so desperately need

♥ Long phone conversations with loved ones

♥ Watching a feel-good movie – just to feel good!

♥ Shopping for winter clothes with John – nothing more exciting than a new sweater!

♥ Getting really lost in a great book

♥ Sitting at my piano and singing my heart out

♥ Having a big, soppy cuddle with my kitties

♥ My new pink jeans! Obsessed!

♥ Seeing so many of my friends and family in new, loving relationships

So that’s my happiness quota for the week! What have you done to make yourself happy lately? If the answer is nothing, make your own happiness list and make sure you do it this weekend – you won’t regret it! Have a great one!

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