Time out and contacts at Under the Vintage Veil

Good morning everyone. I wish I had better news for you today but unfortunately I’m posting to let you know that I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off due to a difficult situation in my family that needs my attention and strength. I will still be writing content for Under the Vintage Veil during this time, but my emails at sara@underthevintageveil.com will be managed between John (john@underthevintageveil.com) and Meryl (meryl@underthevintageveil.com). Any emails sent to my account will receive replies but at a slower rate.

But the good news is this presents an opportunity to guest post on Under the Vintage Veil. If you have a mood board you want to create, a piece you’re itching to write or a wedding you want to submit, now is an opportune time to send them our way, to me or to any of the addresses above.

Meryl and John will be on Facebook and Twitter to give you all updates from Under the Vintage Veil – my apologies for this lapse, I’m just not feeling able to keep on top of the contact right now.

I miss you all lots and look forward to being back on form really soon, most likely after the wedding when there is less to think about.

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