The five things I would have done differently on my wedding day!

Morning all! As you’ve probably heard, I had the best wedding day I could have imagined. So good, in fact, that there were just five minor things I would have changed about it. However, they provide thinking points, and probably some amusement, for you guys – so without further ado…

The five things I would have done differently on my wedding day

Invited more evening guests

I loved each and every person who came to the wedding – but I had to painstakingly cross a lot of friends off my list because I didn’t think there would be room for them in the evening. In the end there were dozens of no-shows, at least 12 for the day and probably around the same for the evening. But even without the benefit of hindsight, I still could have invited a lot more people to the party. The marquee was much bigger than I realised, there were two different areas to the wedding and some people left early. While it was absolutely wonderful to end the night with the last survivors, more people could have enjoyed the evening with us if we’d known how much space and leftover food there would be.

Made less food

Barring inviting more guests, we should have made less food. My mum’s food was so delicious but even with everyone tucking in generously we still had to throw away a lot the next day. We pretty much calculated the food as if each food item would almost be a full meal for each guest. Naturally that left us with so much waste. And while we salvaged some of it, and gave a lot of it out to people, it’s always a shame to see food go in the bin. However, rather too much than too little, and it wouldn’t have been a proper Jewish wedding without an insane amount to eat!

Bought a second dress

Oh I wish, I wish I’d had a second dress. I opted for a long, tulle-layered Justin Alexander dress. I loved it, I really did. But after ten minutes of people stepping on me and trying to walk around and go to the bathroom unassisted, I already wished I’d got a shorter evening frock. Then Shir, the Kletzmer band we’d booked, came on. They were absolutely phenomenal, but with about a zillion skirts, keeping up with the fast-paced circle dancing became impossible. Gutted, as they were the highlight of my evening.

Moved the photo booth inside

We decided to put our Retro Me Photo Booth in the chillout area because of electrical stuff. We should have really put it in the marquee where everyone would have paid more attention to it. We still got hundreds of brilliant shots but a few guests never got to have a go because we accidentally forced them to choose between the party and the booth.

Handed out the wedding cake!!

After we cut our stunning cake from Genuine Cakes, I just assumed someone else would take care of handing it out. Everyone told me in the run up to the wedding to “be the bride” and not to worry about the running of things. I wish I’d just prompted someone to go and do it. While it was fantastic to share out the cake with the significant remaining friends and family the next day, and there were a lot of us, it was so delicious I wish everyone had a chance to try it!

For those of you yet to take the plunge, I hope this post is helpful! And for you former brides, what would you change about your big day if you could go back in time? I’d love to hear from you! 

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