The Calm before the Storm

Good morning, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Today I am really happy to share with you a wonderful post by one of our readers and real brides, Madeleine. Last week was the run up to her wedding and she was so generous as to write a post for Under the Vintage Veil during the all her last minute “Wedding Worries”. Please give her a huge welcome!

Hello I’m Maddy, you may recognise me from this photography competition!

For those of you getting married – congratulations! You are embarking on one of the steepest learning curves of your life! Do you see that person standing at the other end, waving enthusiastically? That’s me because guess what – I’m getting married in just a few days’ time! I feel excited but also completely relaxed and fine so here I am writing a guest post on Under the Vintage Veil in the calm before the storm.

What’s your theme?

In a nutshell? It’s English country vintage mixed with Indian colours and sparkle. I have always been a fan of bright colours and Indian culture is full of them, as I found out when I lived there last year. My fiance Simon and I both love the sights, the sounds, and the sense of community that we wanted to reflect in our own special day. So how did we go about putting this wedding together? Without giving too much away ahead of the day, for the English element, we’ve hired a village hall in the Oxfordshire countryside, and we’re serving a good old hog roast. For the Indian side, hot pink, bright blue and purple will feature heavily in the décor, as well as Hindu posters and second hand saris and scarves from Indian colleagues along with plenty of twinkly fairy lights and tealights.

So, any hiccups along the way?

Well of course, but nothing we couldn’t sort (after a few tantrums and tears of course). Keeping track of the budget was a constant worry – we are on a very strict budget (I told one person my budget and they asked whether we were going to serve cornflakes! Cheeky thing.) So with that in mind we decided very early on to have a hog roast, but I was convinced we couldn’t afford to serve anything else. A recent conversation on our wedding booze cruise with one of our ushers and his girlfriend persuaded me that with lots of booze comes lots of food. So now we’ve now booked the canapés (Indian and English of course) and bacon rolls where we’ve managed to secure Simon’s sister to cook them in the hall kitchen!

The second main issue: the weather.  I was truly awful to my mum when she kept bringing up the idea of “Plan B in case it rains”. “Of course it’s not going to rain in August, don’t be ridiculous MOTHER” I insisted. Then what happened? The wettest summer ever recorded in the history of the world (well maybe not THE world, but certainly MY world. Also? Sorry Mum!). Cue me searching wildly on the internet to find marquees that a) didn’t look like a marquee and b) were cheap and waterproof and c) didn’t look like a marquee. I really don’t like marquees. We bought flooring too, but the great news we have already sold the lot to be collected immediately post-wedding, hurrah!

So how have I prepared for the day? Well, I really like to be organised. Ask any of my former/current colleagues/friends and they will tell you that I am a)a bit posh and mad b)love rose wine and cats and c)really like being bossy and organised. I have tracked every cost on a spreadsheet based on a template I found on the web, and I have put together a detailed list of tasks that need to be done (using UTVV’s own article as inspiration!) and when they need to happen in order for the day before, the day of and the day after to go smoothly.

So what is your advice for fellow brides-to-be? 

Well, at one point I was reading over 100 wedding blogs (nuts, I know). But, this addiction helped win me a photography competition, found me a day coordinator (UTVV’s very own lovely and brilliant Meryl), and gained me a two hour Skype call back in the early days with a wedding planner. The addiction helped me fill several USB sticks with images for inspiration that I could take to talented friends and family members so they could help me source/DIY these ideas, and also helped me find the templates for things like my wedding task list, the programmes, the photo booth moustaches (oh yes!) and the budget spreadsheets (FYI, if you’re interested to hear more detail about how we made big savings on a tight budget, tell Meryl & Sara!)

Secondly, get a wedding website. There are many free hosting services that are user friendly and are full of pretty templates that you can use, and guests can find accommodation links, directions to the venue, more details of the bridal party, and details of any gift list (we’ve done a “donate to our honeymoon” page which has proved popular)!

Thirdly, the most important piece of advice I’ve been given? To remember that every up and every down that you go through in this unique experience is not something that you have to act on, and it is most certainly not life or death. Let those ideas swirl around in your head for a while; let your hiccups (and believe me, they will happen!) be as they are for a while, before rushing to solve or fix them. Since I have been told this, life has become infinitely easier.

Also good to remember is, if you’re not bothered about having something, then be calm when telling those around you that you would like to use the money to pay for something else (I could usefully have taken my own advice here in the past six months but I’ve just about lived to tell the tale).

To sum it up, planning our wedding has been an emotional journey and I have joked many times along the way that the newly-engaged Maddy needs a slap round the face with a wet fish when she enthusiastically volunteered to embark on this eighteen month journey. But of course, truthfully I am delighted to become Simon’s wife, and to be with our families and friends and celebrate until the sun goes down this Saturday, come rain or shine!

That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed my post – smiles and love!

Maddy x

Under the Vintage Veil would like to pass on their congratulations to Maddy and Simon who celebrated their wedding this saturday . Best wishes and I hope the future holds many happy memories and love.


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