How to beat the post-wedding blues

Sob, sniff, it’s all over! A year and a half of planning and now, suddenly, very little to do. Apart from working. And enjoying my free time.

It’s a familiar sentiment and a hard one to admit. You put your heart and soul, all of your weekends, your blood, sweat and tears, sometimes for years, into the planning of one, perfect day. When it happens, it all pays off. You’re on cloud 9, everything feels absolutely wonderful, like a magical dream.

And then it’s over.


Most brides are a bit embarrassed to admit that they’re sad once their wedding is over. They see it as a sort of failure of some unspoken bridal test – that if you miss planning your wedding, it means you don’t love your husband enough, or you’re not taking your marriage seriously enough. I say nonsense.

A wedding can very quickly become a lifestyle – your suppliers can become like friends – your world does revolve around it for a long time. Bumping back to normality, handing over the mantle of attention that comes with being a bride to whoever gets married next, finding new ways to spend your time, all of these things are not easy on the emotions.

So what do you do when the last cake crumbs and confetti are swept away?

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How to beat the post-wedding blues

Bask in the aftermath 

The wedding itself might be over – but you still have the exciting wait for the photographs (and video, if you had one) and the honeymoon, if you’re going. You are also fully expected to ring all your friends and dissect each moment. Enjoy little silly things like changing your Facebook relationship status or seeing everyone else’s fun snaps. Enjoy the after-glow for as long as you can – make sure you give yourself a little bit of time before you rush headlong back into reality.

Enjoy each other

OK, this is a PG-rated blog so I won’t elaborate. But you’re newlyweds! Go off and do what newlyweds do – it releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy makes the post-wedding blues go away. You know what I mean.

Go shopping

So you don’t have a wedding to plan. You also don’t have a wedding to pay for! One of the first things I did was go on a mini shopping spree. Did you know I haven’t bought any new clothes for myself that haven’t been for work or the wedding in about two years? Two long years without shopping and I was finally let off my leash. It sounds shallow but realising our spare cash is ours again and not all being put into some future event was fantastic.

Plan with your friends

One of the most important things I realised after the wedding was over was just how much I love my friends. I cannot and will not leave it until the next big occasion to get our act together. With that in mind, we’re already planning a little trip with a few of us, and it’s really exciting! Don’t think of the wedding as being the end – think of it as the start of something amazing. We are all a million times closer now, and I’m so grateful for that.

Start projects

There are so many things I’ve been saying I’ll do after the wedding. “After the wedding” became a little Utopia in which I could afford (both time and money) to achieve my goals. For example, this blog is going mega awesome (that’s a sentence) I’m learning to drive, we’re converting the garage. I now have the freedom to get on with life.

Do nothing

Not all  the time (see all the above suggestions) but you don’t have to feel guilty for doing nothing with your weekend any more. I used to get very stressed out when time was wasted on weekends because I felt like we ought to be planning as time was running out. Now we can chill without thinking about consequences. Bliss.

Are you worried about getting down post wedding? Did you feel sad or elated after your big day? I’d love to hear what you think!

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