Choccywoccydoodah’s big secret… revealed!

So yesterday Meryl and I went to a little tea party. We weren’t too excited, I mean it was only at Choccywoccydoodah‘s London shop (sheesh) and we were only about to see their amazing Secret Room (no big deal). I’m lying – we were all sorts of happy.

We arrived to be greeted by an option of champagne or delicious, creamy caramel milkshake. Well, guess which one we went for? We were delighted to have our suspicions confirmed that Choccywoccy had laid on a proper spread for us. And when I say spread, I mean a chocolate, sweetie and cake buffet that would make Willy Wonka himself weep tears of envy. Thinking “this must be the Secret Room” I was having an absolutely fabulous time, unashamedly stuffing my face. And then the announcement:

We were all given numbers upon arrival and were asked to make our way upstairs. Upstairs? Walking up, I can’t really describe what I saw, so Meryl has kindly found us some brilliant pictures from the absolutely lovely Tino and Pip Photography.

But you’ll be absolutely thrilled to hear that what you’re about to see is actually available to hire for 35 people for an engagement party, celebration, photoshoot, launch, hen party, dessert only reception….

©Images Tino and Pip 2012

“Today I looked through a keyhole …and this is what I saw. A table with chocolate galore, be it a celebration, and engagement or in need of a pamper or more. Choccywoccydoodah has a secret garden waiting for you to explore.” Meryl Tabner

And one sculpted master piece for the ladies he he… (obviously we were not allowed to touch it to see if it was chocolate or not… )

So not to gloat but we got to take home a LOT of chocolate. OK, I pocketed a lot of chocolate – hellooooooo breakfast! On a serious note, walking into Choccywooccy’s Secret Room was a real “sharp intake of breath followed by loud squealing noises” moment – I’m glad they caught everyone’s reaction on film, it was so worth it!

Thank you to the really friendly and fabulous team and Choccywoccydoodah for a heavenly afternoon – we’d highly recommend it.

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