Five original ways to say thank you for wedding gifts

Morning everyone! It’s just over a month to go until our big day and John and I are really starting to get excited – it’s all actually starting to feel real! The wonderful gifts have started pouring in and we’re so grateful and happy that our friends and family have got us such meaningful and lovely presents.

We chose to have a honeymoon gift list with Buy Our Honeymoon (highly recommend), and it really makes the prospect of an amazing honeymoon real watching item by item coming in! But how to thank the lovely people who are giving us such heartfelt presents? I’ve never been one to send out traditional thank you cards, so I’ve spent the last few days coming up with some potential original ways to express our gratitude! I hope they provide you guys with some inspiration too!

Five original ways to say thank you for wedding gifts

Get the video camera out! Rather than addressing hundreds of different thank you cards, why not put the effort into recording a short and personalised thank you message for each guest? You don’t have to be overly tech-savvy in order to do this, it can even be recorded well on an iPhone if you stabilise it well. Given that most people will come in couples and families it won’t take nearly as long as you would imagine, and it’s lovely for your guests to see your smiling faces.

You can even take this one further and, if you have a bit more time, involve the gift in your thank you video if it’s practical. For example, if we’re on honeymoon enjoying the breakfast someone’s bought us or one of the lovely experiences, we can send a quick video back home as we enjoy each experience to the person who gave it to us! But it doesn’t have to be a honeymoon gift list to do this – you can send a video of you enjoying your new homewares, making a meal with your new cooking equipment, or really get creative!

Picture postcards are a similar concept but much more comfortable for those who are less comfortable talking in front of a camera. You can also edit them so they’re vintage style or so they fit with your wedding theme for consistency. For the older generations of guests it may be more palatable too as it’s closer to the original thank you note, but with a personal touch. We plan to send pictures home of us enjoying our honeymoon experiences, but this, like a video, can be done with most gifts.

Say it in rhyme! OK this so isn’t for everyone, but if you’re particularly good with your words, why not put them to good use and draft a mini poem to say thank you for each present. If you’re a very confident writer it should take a couple of days – if not I wouldn’t necessarily attempt it – or get help from a friend otherwise it could end up being more of a dramatic undertaking than you intended!

♥ If your wedding had a lot of DIY detail involved, why not have one last hurrah and send out a little crafty detail with your thank you note? It could be anything from mini pom poms, to a little fabric heart, as a small and sweet token of your appreciation! It’s a great way to add a personal touch to the traditional thank you note.

Hold up or hang a thank you sign at your wedding – like the one pictured below from Etsy. Then send a picture of you in your dress and suit to your guests as part of your thank you card. Alternatively, if you’ve chosen a honeymoon gift list, you can write your thank you notes in the sand, take pictures of them and send them home!

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