A wild west vintage tea party engagement shoot

Yeeeeeeeeeehaw! I love getting submissions with a twist on the vintage theme! This beautiful work comes from Missouri, USA, courtesy of Photographic Memories by Tammy and Megan. Who said engagement shoots can’t be unique and interesting? And what a beautiful couple they make, only enhanced by the wonderful photography! Here’s the bride-to-be, Layne, with the story of how she and her future husband Yeargain met and fell in love!

“Yeargain and I met through mutual friends, my best friend Olivia and her boyfriend Keegan decided that we would make an awesome couple. Keegan and his family live right down the road from Yeargain and the rest of the Bequette family. The two families have been friends forever. Olivia and I became best friends and roommates when we met our first year of college and played college softball together. She is from Tennessee so when she met Keegan I was very excited because I knew Keegan in high school and so we all three hung out a lot.

The three of us met up. I think it was that night when they decided I was “lonely”. Earlier that day Yeargain had helped Keegan and his family work cattle. While they were working cows they poked some fun at Yeargain and how he needs to find him a “good woman”. He told Keegan that’s just what he wanted, but couldn’t seem to find one. That is when our dear friends decided we would make the best couple. I have always been a small town girl and we were both very goal oriented and hard working so they felt we would hit it off. It was about two weeks later (after I chickened out once, I am afraid to say) that we went out on a date. We had never met in person. For me all it took was a couple of country sayings from Yeargain like “lets get some grub”, “Yes ma’am”, and “You sure do look pretty”! He was always sure to open doors for me and still does today. We both knew after the first date we didn’t want to date anyone else.

Our first date was January 7th 2011. He proposed 9 months later by riding his horse up to the front porch, he hollered for me to come out of the house. He asked if I would please do him the honor of becoming Mrs. Bequette. Yeargain and I are both very strong willed people. We are very different in many ways, but also so alike in others. The old house you see in the pictures is where Yeargain’s great grandparents lived. We are going to live in Yeargain’s grandparents house that has been passed down to him.”

Images © 2012 Photographic Memories by Tammy and Megan

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