Veilbash recap #2 – THE dress by Charlotte Bridal

Happy Monday folks – unfortunately the post I lovingly wrote for you was cruelly deleted by WordPress (I know, right??) So I’m re-writing – second time lucky? Sadly this will be somewhat more concise than I had intended due to a lack of time now, but I’ll make sure the spirit is still alive and well!

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote about the experience of having a made-to-measure dress crafted by the wonderful Charlotte Bridal. When you last saw my dress, it was in bits (literally) so here’s the next stage of its journey from bits of fabric to fabulous frock!

So, from start to finish, here are the stages we went through:

♥ Consultation period – Charlotte and I sketched out and discussed what the dress would look like in detail.
♥ Shopping for materials – Charlotte and I went to Soho to choose the fabrics for the dress! In the rain! So much fun I can’t even describe!
♥ Measurements – Charlotte took around a zillion measurements to make sure the dress fit like a glove.
♥ A fitting of the dummy corset – a mock up of the shape of the body of the dress. Fit amazingly – had never worn a corset before so suddenly felt very confident!
♥ A final fitting of the dress – still in pieces – a week before the party! I can’t stress enough how amazed I was – even though it wasn’t quite finished I had no worries about the finished product – I knew it would be fantastic!

Highlights of the experience were hanging out with Charlotte (seriously, she’s too much fun) being treated like a princess at her studio and being made to feel like the most pampered person in the world and trying on the finished dress for the first time – that was the best moment, finally felt like I’d made a transformation from bug into butterfly! Wonderful!

I can’t praise Charlotte enough – her job is to get inside brides’ heads and figure out what it is they want and need – she did that wonderfully – the dress couldn’t have been closer to what I imagined if it fell out of my own imagination right then and there. Bespoke gowns are so worth the money – I plan to have several more made over the course of my lifetime!

Here’s a gorgeous gallery of pics of the dress being created (this is actually like watching my baby being born!), I’ll have to leave you in suspense for me wearing the finished product – check back for official Veilbash photos later this week… thank you, Charlotte, for making me my dream dress!

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