Veilbash recap #1 – the gorgeous catwalk show

Good morning you beautiful people! Under the Vintage Veil is back in the office after a week of Veilbash party planning! And wow, what a night! We just want to thank everyone who came, sent us lovely congratulatory messages and supplied the event (but you’ll be hearing a LOT more about that) we’re so grateful and couldn’t have asked for a better first birthday party!

So today I wanted to share something very special with you. Those of you who were at the event will know that Under the Vintage Veil has taken on PR representation with Propose PR. We’re so excited to be working with Propose as we take the next steps with our business – Propose PR is the UK’s first dedicated wedding PR agency and those of you who have dealt with Nicola (who I quietly call my fairy godmother – although this is the first she’ll have heard about it) before will know she really knows her stuff!

We trust Nicola implicitly with our brand image and know that she understands Under the Vintage Veil better than anyone! Today she presented me with this wonderful video that her husband Craig shot of the catwalk and party guests. I hope you guys enjoy it, if you weren’t there, grab a cuppa and take a couple of minutes to feast your eyes on the catwalk prettiness!

Under the Vintage Veil celebrates first birthday of the blog with glam bash in Brighton from ProposePR Media Department on Vimeo.

Music was provided by Sam Jago -aka- D’Jago, who deserves a whole post of his own for his amazing party-starting skills – watch this space. The invitation at the beginning of the video is by I am Nat who will also feature in a post about non-catwalk suppliers to appear soon. Special thanks to our latest staff member, Meryl, who we’ll introduce you to tomorrow… 

A huge thank you to the stunningly beautiful models, Rhiannon, Abby, Lori, Laila and Rachel. If you are interested in booking any of  the models for your shows or shoots, please get in touch with me and I’ll pass your details on to the relevant model!

Veilbash catwalk show

We are feeling like the luckiest bloggers in the world right now. How many can say they’ve helped to coordinate a catwalk show with such huge designer dresses as the following? I’d like to introduce you to my amazing catwalk suppliers and take the opportunity to say a huge thank you. Make sure you keep reading till the bottom to reach the stunning catwalk shots by Emma Lucy Photography.

Froufrou Bridal Boutique

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my visit to Froufrou Bridal Boutique. The post speaks for itself (brides, seriously go and visit this amazing boutique – you won’t be sorry) but I just want to send a huge amount of praise the way of these wonderful ladies, Nicole and Helena, who did the most exceptional job on the day. Not only did they supply incredible gowns from the likes of David Fielden, Ivy & Aster, Sarah Seven, Lyn Ashworth and Belle and Bunty but they saved the day when a last-minute health and safety issue meant we needed to quickly change the catwalk plan. Nicole and Helena handled the situation calmly and brilliantly and pretty much rejigged the entire catwalk within a half an hour space. All I heard from the models afterwards was how amazingly they felt this was handled and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Runway dresses were as follows: Scarlett by Lyn Ashworth, Bella by Lyn Ashworth, In Bloom by Ivy & Aster, The Duchess, by Ivy & Aster, Powdered Sugar by Sarah Seven, Practically Perfect by Sarah Seven, Silk Tulle by David Fielden and The Belle by Belle and Bunty.

Charlotte Bridal

What can I say about Charlotte Bridal? Charlotte is one of those incredible people I hope I get to work with for years to come. Not only has she become a valued and close friend, but she is such a talented young woman and I can’t wait to see her continue to grow into one of the UK’s top bridal designers. Everybody was gushing about her original designs and she put so much work into organising the catwalk show, both on the day and in the weeks preceding it. Charlotte also made my dream dress, which you all saw me wearing on the day, but there will be a whole other post about that process! I’d like to thank Charlotte for putting her beautiful dresses on my runway and for being such a fantastic support throughout!

Runway dresses were as follows: Katerina, May and Jennifer

Shoes of Prey, Olivier Laudus, Doris Designs and The Finer Details

We were supplied beautiful shoes by Shoes of Prey, who really helped us out at the last minute and couldn’t have been a more perfect choice for our runway dresses. Bright, beautiful, bold and original, they completely hit the theme and tone of the party – definitely shoes for the fun and flirty bride and nothing like anything I’ve seen anywhere else.

Olivier Laudus Bridal Accessory Boutique supplied the stunning jewellery that the models wore on the runway. They also lent me some stunning pieces for the evening and I have to say they are just as wonderful up close as they are in pictures – I didn’t want to ever take off my beautiful, vintage-inspired necklace (a longer piece on my outfit to follow soon)!

Jinder of The Finer Details (who also supplied some of the wonderful room decorations, which you’ll hear all about in another post) lent us some fabulous, sparkly brooch bouquets in the requisite colours of purple and pink! She got our brief perfectly and even let us hang on to a couple for the evening to use as a photobooth prop! If you haven’t seen Jinder’s lovely bouquets, you really must check them out!

We used my trademark purple Doris Designs petticoat under Charlotte Bridal’s beautiful new design.

Hairport UK

I’ve worked with Hairport UK on a shoot before and so I knew how talented and original their team really is. Given their talent for vintage, high-fashion and generally fabulous hair, Hairport UK Was the obvious choice for the runway hair for Veilbash. I gave them the following brief: “big, bold, bird’s nest hair”. Their interpretation was just above and beyond anything I could have expected or hoped for. They also provided styling for the Under the Vintage Veil team and opened a pop up parlour, which guests haven’t stopped raving about – but more on that soon. Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of working with Hairport yet needs to change that, not only are they exceptionally talented, but they are simply the nicest and calmest people to work with, they are an absolute pleasure to be around and what more could you want on your wedding day eh?

Brides and Beauty

My lovely friend Joyce (who is seriously like a surrogate auntie to me – sorry Joyce, big sis!) was an absolute legend amongst make-up artists. She worked for six hours straight without so much as a moment to sit down – all the while remaining cheerful, happy and generally having fun with the models and making them smile. Rachael from Serendipity Weddings was on hand to help Joyce prep the models, and Joyce spent the entire day valiantly applying feather lashes and cracking us all up! Everybody raved about the catwalk make up and she even found time to make over me and Meryl! Anyone who books Brides and Beauty gets the most reliable, down-to-earth woman on the planet with bags of talent and charm – Joyce we owe you a million!

Emma Lucy Photography

Mate! Anyone who reads this blog will have heard me bang on about how genuinely incredibly talented and brilliant Emma at Emma Lucy Photography is. Emma is another supplier I’d work with a thousand times over because she’s proved herself to not only be one of the best photographers in the industry but to be one of the most fun and friendly people to work with. The fact that these pictures are available to you two days after the event is a testament to her dedication, hard work and general aura of fabulousness. So without further ado, I’m sure you’re all now dying to see these pictures…

Images © 2012 Emma Lucy Photography

Me introducing the catwalk

Lori is wearing Charlotte Bridal with an Olivier Laudus headpiece

Rachel models Charlotte Bridal and an Olivier Laudus headpiece

Laila models Charlotte Bridal’s latest design, shoes by Shoes of Prey, headpiece by Olivier Laudus, bouquet by The Finer Details and petticoat by Doris Designs

Rhiannon models Lyn Ashworth at Froufrou Bridal Boutique, headpiece by Olivier Laudus and bouquet by The Finer Details

Abby models Belle and Bunty at Froufrou Bridal Boutique, headpiece by Olivier Laudus

Sarah Seven at Froufrou Bridal Boutique, headpiece by Olivier Laudus

Laila models Sarah Seven at Froufrou Bridal Boutique, shoes by Shoes of Prey, headpiece by Olivier Laudus

Rachel models Lyn Ashworth at Froufrou Bridal Boutique, headpiece by Olivier Laudus

Rhiannon models Ivy & Aster at Froufrou Bridal Boutique, headpiece by Olivier Laudus

David Fielden at Froufrou Bridal Boutique, headpiece by Olivier Laudus, bouquet by The Finer Details

Abby models Ivy & Aster at Froufrou Bridal Boutique, headpiece by Olivier Laudus

And the final walk for all the girls… is it sad that I’m sitting here reliving it and clapping like crazy??

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