Under the Vintage Veil welcomes Meryl to the team!

Morning folks! Those of you who were at Veilbash will know that we finally took on a new part-time team member. Lots of you will already know Meryl from her own lovely blog, Home Grown Bride, but Meryl’s kindly decided to bring her skills and savvy to our business. I have to say, Meryl is one of the most on-the-ball, capable people I know and I’m so excited to really get her started now that the last cake crumbs from Veilbash have been swept away. In terms of hiring she was one fabulous decision.

Let me give you an example. On the day of Veilbash our photographer for the events side of things couldn’t make it. Meryl was on the phone and had found someone amazing to take over within two minutes. Now that’s someone you want playing for your side really! But she’s also a perfect fit for the Under the Vintage Veil ethos – she’s kind, considerate, calm, clever and logical – everything I could have hoped for in a team member. Please give Meryl a warm, Under the Vintage Veil welcome! I’m going to let Meryl introduce herself to you as her first official guest post!

“I am just an ordinary girl who loves to help people, have fun, dress up and likes to have my friends around me (that’s me on my wedding day just below). I am from Bucks and also lived in Brighton in my student years where I truly found myself as a person. I am still a girl who constantly worries and has suffered a good deal of heartache but I am a better person for it. I got married in May 2011 to my boyfriend and best friend. We own a little house in Wolverton with a tabby grey cat called Bailey and we are generally found either reading our favourite books, watching Big Bang Theory or grabbing a coffee with friends.”

“I started being a part of weddings when I was young and was the bridesmaid for family/friends and then I banished the old wives tale I got engaged and married after four times a bridesmaid (I was staring a great collection of dresses). Getting married really made me realise how much I adore events and how much I loved organizing and planning them. Hence why I started my blog and a diploma in event design and planning.”

“After I got married I started my blog called Home Grown Bride. Which basically has posts about suppliers and advice, and occasionally some photography gems of real engagement/wedding shoots. I have kept it going and met some amazing people through it. I have especially enjoyed collaborating with people for inspiration shoots as it has allowed me to learn so much about the wedding industry. The blog is new and has been going since September 2011, but through it I have met some amazing people and credit their generosity for helping me get where I am now.”

I have been a Under the Vintage Veil follower for a long time and always read Sara’s blog posts. I first met Sara at the Wedding Ideas Awards and then again on a collaborative shoot where I just helped style a candy table. When Sara advertised the opportunity on her blog I was quite hesitant as I thought that she would want someone with either no experience in social networking or someone with amazing skills. Anyhow I applied as I had been made redundant from a charity post and I really wanted to learn more about writing and the wedding industry. When Sara called me to tell me I had got the ‘job’ I tried to be cool and collective over the phone, but afterwards I was jumping around the house for days!”

“I have a background in research, logistics and planning for events. I am bringing this to the team for the blog as well as my love for vintage and styling. I love things that are slightly outside the box and hope to bring this across in anything that the blog wants to do. I am also a huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy books and creating things from scratch. This I hope puts me in good stead for any DIY posts. Having my own blog which help me understand the technical social media background that is needed to help push the Under the Vintage Veil team further into the limelight.”

“My first job was to work with Sara on Veilbash as she wanted to announce that I’d joined at her party. I have been sourcing suppliers and liaising with the party venue. On the actual day of the party I was bouncing around all day keeping everyone happy, making sure things were on time and generally being Sara’s second in command. I loved it, I thrive on a little chaos and personally I love being behind the scenes rather than in front of a camera. I am really looking forward to being apart of the blog and experiencing so much more.”

So that’s Meryl – I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of her over the coming weeks and months as her role at Under the Vintage Veil develops. As Meryl technically works for Under the Vintage Veil as a freelancer, she’s also available for ad hoc event planning, writing and styling. Meryl is a real gem and any organisation would be lucky to have her help them out! 

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