The world’s easiest DIY tutorial – vintage photo frame wedding signs

I actually nicked this idea from a real wedding I’m going to feature soon on my blog submitted to me by the wonderful Lisa Devlin. The couple had a “top table” sign (you’ll see) which I thought was really awesome – and it suddenly occurred to me that it would solve my “I want signs for my tables but printing looks naff” problem.

This is literally the world’s easiest DIY tutorial – as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty! So easy I’ve done it on my mobile just to show you how quickly it can be done!

You will need:

Any vintage or vintage-style photo frame of any size


Alphabet stamps (you can get rubber ones and a stamp mount cheap from any Hobbycraft)

Black ink (Dormy is a good, durable brand and you can get it from Rymans)

Brown parcel paper (you can get this from pretty much any stationer or post office)

Warm water and soap – you will get ink EVERYWHERE.

Step one:

Take the back off the photo frame and cut the brown parcel paper to size so it sits in the frame like a photograph.

Step two:

Grab your stamp and ink. Stick your first letter to your stamp mount. Firmly (but not too hard) place your chosen stamp on the ink pad and stamp it precisely onto the paper. Don’t move it around or the letter won’t come out clean. Repeat until you’ve spelled out whatever you need to spell out. Make sure you estimate the right amount of room for whatever you’d like to write.

Step three: 

Wait a minute for the ink to dry, then place the glass back over the finished product, and put it back in the photo frame. Et voila: you have a finished product! It’s that easy!

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