The top five alternatives to chair covers

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like chair covers. I’m very sorry to any chair cover suppliers out there, it really is nothing personal. I just don’t like them. Maybe it’s the fact that I know they’re hiding something less appealing, maybe it’s because they slightly resemble rows of gravestones – but when we turned up at our venue to see that the chairs definitely needed removing or covering, ordering in alternatives was a no-brainer for us.

“But it’s expensive!” I hear you cry – well, not necessarily. At least, it’s not necessarily more expensive to bring in chairs than it is to hire chair covers. My advice would be that if you’re not a fan of chair covers, shop around for other options! Here’s some inspiration to get you going!

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The top five alternatives to chair covers

Chiavari chairs

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These beautiful, Italian chairs come in metallics and in rustic colours. They were our first choice as the design really does something for that shabby, elegant style. Chiavari chairs look beautiful with small arrangements on the back, in soft, pastel colours particularly. We’re having chiavari chairs in limewash (like the ones below) – they look beautiful grouped round a table, on long tables or at a ceremony!

Image source

Cheltenham chairs

Mainly available in metallic colours, Cheltenham chairs are great for couples having a bright and bold wedding. They’re a firm favourite with glitzier venues, like burlesque clubs and they make a real statement! I’d go for Cheltenham chairs if you’re having a particularly opulent wedding – think gold tinted roses, baroque-style decor and a couple with big personalities!

Image source

Folding chairs

Oh-so-pretty, simple and so very in season, white folding chairs are a particular favourite for American homespun, backyard weddings. They look gorgeous lined up for an outdoor ceremony, and need only a simple touch, a flower on the end row, or a fan on the seat like in the image below from Elizabeth Anne Designs. Folding chairs are perfect for a picnic-style or rustic summer wedding as the trend makes its way over from the US.

Image source Elizabeth Anne Designs

Hay bales

We seriously considered this option for our wedding but we won’t lie, it’s tricky to implement as you need to find a bulk deal on hay (harder than it sounds – apparently it’s more expensive because horses like it – yup!) and you need lots of cushions and throws. But if you can afford it, it’s an absolutely charming option for that barn dance, festival feeling. Use hay bales for chairs and tables, especially at a marquee wedding (style using throws and vintage tablecloths with a little vase of flowers on top) and it looks absolutely fabulous – and a really great option if you don’t like the idea of a formal seating plan and would rather have everyone pick up their food and sit where they like. Hay bales can also be used to build mini structures, like sofas, which make them really handy if you’re creative!

Image source Elizabeth Anne Designs

Soft seating

Finally we’re on to another idea – probably a bit impractical to implement throughout the whole wedding but we’re doing it in one area at ours – a soft seating area. Use beautiful vintage sofas and mismatched soft seating to create a living room feel for your guests, as demonstrated beautifully by Doily Days on the gorgeous Knots and Kisses blog. This is a relatively new trend so we’ll let you know how ours works out!

Have you got any original seating ideas? Are you bringing in chairs or using the venue’s chairs? Let us know! 

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