The customer service lessons to learn from Hanson at my wedding

I’m showing my (lack of) years here, but growing up, I was the world’s biggest Hanson fan. No joke. I wanted to marry them. All of them. I even went to a Hanson concert and bought a new dress hoping Zac would see me at the back of the stadium and drag me up on stage to perform the ceremony right then and there.

Ah the things that could have been…

So when I heard about Hanson at My Wedding I was sort of peeved – mainly because I didn’t think of it first. OK so James Bishop, the man with the plan to have Hanson play at his wedding, did sort of bombard Hanson with messages every day for… ooh.. 461 days… I might not have taken it that far, but I admire his persistence.

Anyway, I don’t know how many of you have seen this, but if you haven’t, watch it: it’s awesome! Hanson respond, unable to play his wedding, but with a much better offer in my opinion!

So what can we learn about customer service in the wedding industry from these three rascals from Tulsa?

Don’t ignore your customers and fans

OK, so it did take them 461 days to respond (that’s an extraordinary response time, they should really put that on their out of office replies) but at least they got back to him eventually – and they are Hanson after all. If someone takes the time and effort to engage with your brand, engage right back. This poor man wasn’t threatening – he was just a seriously big Hanson fan desperate to get their attention. I’m glad he finally got it.

Under promise, over deliver

Judging by James Bishop’s reaction to the news that Hanson would be playing his honeymoon he hadn’t expected so much as a snotty tissue in the post from them, let alone for his dream of Hanson playing his wedding to come true. When they made him a better offer, it was clearly an overwhelming one as he’d had no expectations that anything would come of it. This can be applied with the wedding industry – don’t make promises you can’t keep – and keep promises you never made in the first place – because there’s no better PR than going above and beyond.

Be personable

The most striking element of the video response was how likeable and funny the boys were. In an industry like this, it’s so important to be friendly and warm. You want your customers to feel like you’re their friend as well as supplier and the Hanson lads are certainly good at that!

Use social media wisely

The video of Hanson at my Honeymoon quickly went viral and was even featured on the front page of the BBC! Using social media cleverly to communicate with your customers, especially video and anything instant is a great way to set yourself apart! Especially if that’s the way they like to be contacted – always meet your customers where they’re comfortable.

What do you guys think? Did Hanson’s PR stunt pay off? Are there any more lessons to learn here that I’ve missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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