Into the sea – a “woman scorned” trash the dress shoot

Good morning folks! I have a real treat for you today – something beautiful and original from Sarah Morris Photography, who came up with a really creative and fabulous “woman scorned” concept to blow the trash the dress concept out of the water. Literally. I’ll hand over to Sarah to tell you all about it! I also love a bit of Dita Florita on the blog, what a beautiful dress to trash!

“I wanted to create a set of images and a shoot that was a bit different from the normal Trash The Dress – I’ve named the series of shoots I am doing Rock Out With Your Frock Out. The concept behind this one was someone who had lost love (appealing to maybe the scorned woman who wishes to REALLY trash her dress having maybe been cold shouldered by a husband)I loved a song called Martha’s Harbour when I was younger and so had the lyrics of this as a backbone for the shoot.

I wanted the shoot to be in three stages, contemplative, acceptance and moving on, so we started with some quite whimsical shots of our model, Keri, moving on to her being a bit more accepting and carefree and the final stage is where she is in the sea, I wanted to use the sea as a metaphor for washing everything away.”

All images © Sarah Morris Photography 

Model – Keri (she also did her make up)
Hair – Sarah Morris
Styling – Sarah Morris, model and Jodie Vigor (of Boutique Blooms)
Flowers – Jodie Vigor of Boutique Blooms
Dress – Kindly loaned by Ciara at Dita Florita
Assistant – Sarah’s 14 year old daughter Carmen Morris (according to Sarah she was INVALUABLE!)
Location – Brighton Beach Bandstand
Photographer – Sarah Morris Photography 

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