Historical venues from around the world: #1 The Tuscan Tenuta – Best Wedding Away

Morning everyone. As a vintage blogger, I’m a big history fan. I get a lot of information and releases from some wonderful venues and up and till now I haven’t been sure what I want to share. So I’ve picked a selection of the most beautiful and rustic wedding venues around the world, steeped in history and culture. Today’s venue is the Tuscan Tenuta from Best Wedding Away. Here’s what Best Wedding Away had to say about their gorgeous venue. I really hope to visit one day! 

“Constructed in 1848 by Prince Hohenlohe, the Tuscan Tenuta has a long history, with moments of splendour and great decline. Whilst hunting in Tuscany in 1985, Ferruccio Ferragamo fell in love with the Tuscan Tenuta, at the time owned by the Duke Amedeo D’Aosta. The Ferragamo family proceeded to rent the estate, and in 1993 took the decision to purchase the property in its entirety, with its medieval hamlet and ten-bedroom main villa, partially destroyed by Second World War bombings.

The Tuscan Tenuta boasts a thousand years of history, the protagonists of which were leading families that determined the rise of Tuscany, among which were the Pazzi, the Medici Tornaquinci and Savoia. Left in a state of abandon following the Second World War, today it has been restored to its original beauty and given a new lease on life. The villa holds a dominant position over the medieval village, offering breathtaking views. From severe architecture, typical of residences dating from the 1800s, the villa has been renovated with romantic details.

Wrapped around the base of the villa is the Italian garden, in our best traditional style, architectural, full of flowers and completed by an ornate fountain, its centre-piece, that plays a stunning game with Tuscan light, giving the appearance it is throwing raindrops on the medieval village below…a game of water droplets and incandescent colours…a villa of dreams. The villa is equipped with all first-class comforts, including a heated pool, fitness room, Turkish bath, sauna and billiards table.”

Do you have a beautiful and historical venue to share? I’d love to see your pictures – and I’m happy to come and say hello and take some pics and a tour if you’re based in the UK and I think your venue would be right for the blog! Email sara@underthevintageveil.com

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