Changes in Under the Vintage Veil office hours

Morning lovely folks! This is just a very quick public service announcement!

As many of you know I’m getting married. Soon. So soon in fact that today I looked at the calendar and had a little jolt of shock! Up until now I’ve been trying to single-handedly plan a whole wedding and keep office hours normal but given that the wedding is now a month and a half away I’ve decided to scale back a bit. This is partly to deal with wedding stuff and also I have suffered from chronic back pain for a year and a half – I’ve decided that less time in front of the computer and more time strengthening those core muscles will help me feel well and strong for our big day!

Under the Vintage Veil will be on a temporary schedule of 1 – 2 posts per day instead of the 2 – 3 I’ve been attempting! If we’re posting less, don’t worry, there are months of “greatest hits” posts we’ll be putting out on Twitter and Facebook in addition to the new content we’ll be putting up daily!

And with so much DIY going on around here you know there are going to be a few tutorial posts!

So I’ll be working my weird hours of around 8am – 1pm daily with my usual one day off on Saturdays. After 1pm I won’t be available to reply to emails. I’ll still have access so if they’re truly urgent, please mark them as so or copy in my colleague, Meryl (Meryl at underthevintageveil dot com) who will make sure any important issues are flagged!

The wedding is August 19th and normal service will resume Wednesday 22nd August with three posts per day plus new features we’re working on behind the scenes!

I’m sure as brides to be you all understand – if, in the meantime, anyone wants to help me out by writing a guest post about wedding planning or a debate post please don’t hesitate to get in touch (sara at underthevintageveil dot com) and we’ll still be posting beautiful real weddings so keep those submissions coming!

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