A groom’s perspective: with two months to go a groom’s wedding nerves

Morning everyone – John has hijacked the blog today to tell you all about his thoughts in the run up to the big day! I think it’s a great insight into the fact that grooms have wedding nerves and worries too! Give him some love while I’m off planning the last #veilbash details.

At the end of next week it’ll be just two months to go before the big day. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting nervous. Let me clarify before any readers think I’m getting cold feet – I’m not nervous at all about getting married. In fact, I’m very excited about that. I’m going over what I’m going to put in my vows in my head, mentally rehearsing bits of the ceremony and trying to curb my legendary tendency to cry at the opening of a crisp packet so I don’t make a complete fool of myself at the altar!

No, I’m worried about the wedding, not the marriage. As atypical as it might be for the groom to think about these things, I’m worried that I won’t flub my “lines.” As many readers know from previous posts, my proposal wasn’t exactly Shakespeare. I’m told I used the line “without further ado” (actually, that does sound a little Shakespearean, doesn’t it?) but in all honesty I was so nervous I really don’t remember what I said! So, when I’m saying my vows or repeating after the registrar, I’m going to be trying as hard as I can not to mix words up or trip over my own tongue. It’ll probably happen (sorry!) but the world needs to know I’ll be trying to ensure it doesn’t!

I’m also nervous about everything being in place, about the suppliers having an easy time getting everything set up, and the whole event being just right. I trust our suppliers, planners and friends implicitly, don’t get me wrong. Nonetheless, things beyond our control happen, things I shan’t mention out of pure superstition. My worries in this area are put a little bit at ease by something someone told me not so long ago: if something’s a bit different at your wedding from what you’ve planned, you’re the only one who will know. The flowers are a lighter shade of pink/purple/whatever? No one knows that’s not what you had in mind! The red wine’s a cabernet rather than a merlot? That was the plan all along! I worry for a living – but sage little bits of advice help calm me down.

Deep down, I’m worried about the guests having a good time. The rational side of me knows that they’re there to celebrate our marriage, the most important day of our lives, and that this in itself should make the day enjoyable. Yet I’m worried that my choice of wine won’t be eveyone’s favourite. I worry that some people may take exception to a vegetarian meal. I even get indigestion thinking about whether overseas guests will like the hotel they’ve booked or if they’ll have a friendly taxi driver to and from the venue! As I said, I’m a professional worry-wart. Yet again, those sage words of wisdom from friends help soothe my worries as well as any dose of Gaviscon. It’s our special day, friends tell me, and that is what they are coming to share.

For all my nerves and worries, the anxiety about the day pales into complete insignificance beside my sheer excitement. I’m going to be able to stand in front of friend and family and shout from the proverbial rooftop how much I love the woman I am marrying. I am going to affirm in front of everyone my complete and total commitment to her, this wonderful lady about whom I am thankful every day. And just thinking of that moment, of the “Do you? and the “I Do” and the “mazel-tov” and the breaking of the glass, makes me the happiest man on the planet.

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