While summer starts to sizzle, let’s cool down with some wintry “trash the dress” inspiration

So I don’t know about you lot but after our biblical rain over the last few weeks this heat has come as rather a shock! Personally, I’m sweltering so I thought I’d share some lovely icy gorgeousness to cool us all down! This beautiful trash the dress shoot comes all the way from Texas, thank you to Natasha Brown Photography for sharing these beautiful images. I’ll pass you over to her for a little more information about this lovely spread of photos:

“Melissa was my first bride and one of my best friends. About a year after her wedding, Texas got hit with a huge snowstorm in February – which is weird for us, y’all! While everyone else stayed safe in their warm homes, Melissa convinced me to do a Trash the Dress shoot with her. So she slipped into her dress, wore sweats & Uggs underneath and threw on a coat while I grabbed my gear and some plastic orchids I had in my office for her “bouquet.” We drove very carefully to a street nearby that we were both very familiar with, but the snow had transformed it into some place new. We would leave the car running for heat, run out like a couple of crazies, throw off her jacket and snap a few shots before running back into the car. I am so so so happy with how these pictures turned out. They are like nothing I’ve ever seen, and Melissa totally rocked it!”

Images © Natasha Brown Photography, Dress by Angelina Faccenda at Emma’s Bridal Boutique

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