Wedding planning – it all starts coming together

Happy Saturday everyone. Not all of you know this but I’ve ended up on a mini adventure in sunny Devon this weekend so I’m coming to you from a bat cave somewhere there!

Today’s personal post is short and sweet – and it’s one for all of you who have been having trouble visualising how your wedding is going to come together. Some of you may have read some of my previous posts on falling out of love with my wedding. It hasn’t been an easy journey for me, I’ve even handed it over to someone else (well, John) for long periods of time. Sometimes when you’re so focused on making something perfect it can actually become overwhelming. Somewhere between all the details and décor I lost sight of the bigger picture.

But then something magical happened. With just three months to go, things just started coming together. From the moment I decided to compromise on some of my plans, to choosing a new accessory, to trying on my altered dress to find it’s a perfect fit (and I really was worried it wouldn’t be), to finding John a suit he loves, to deciding what the groomsmen will wear, to the ceremony almost writing itself. The last couple of weeks have become easier and I guess I just wanted to share that with anyone who’s worried about how their plans will pan out. Because up until a couple of weeks ago things felt like a shambles.

So for anyone who’s struggling to see the bigger picture, take a breather. Let your suppliers work their magic and don’t obsess about how it’s all going to gel in the end. It will suddenly start coming together without you even realising it!

Now on with the weekend and some more wedding pretty!

Image (c) Under the Vintage Veil

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